Saturday, April 14, 2007

A Little Bit O Everything

Ahhh, working is eating my lunch so to speak. Acckkk. However after a little over two weeks of my brain seriously hurting, sort of like studying algebra, I can now balance pretty much to the penny, and my brain doesn't hurt so bad. I remember my yummy marketing professor - he said math is easy, all you have to do is count. Well, I was too embarrassed to confess that I am "counting handicapped." Yup.

I blogged last night, but was using AO-hell, and lost the blog, along with various emails I was composing. Next, I have no checks and need to pay bills. I have lost the password to my bill payment program at the bank. Cute. BUT, the house is clean, so clean. Rosa, I love YOU, if you are reading this. Still have to get lots of repairs done, but - there is hope!

The lost blog was a run-down of "Daughter from Danang." Tear jerker and thought provoker. Seems like many airlifted "orphans" from the VietNam war era were not orphans at all. Maybe I'll write about the movie again later.

Locked the keys (both sets) in the car tonight - I gave "Onstar" a try, and after a phone call, I went to the yard to watch - and, like magic, my locks popped up and I was able to access the car. Oh, for cool. Every month I get a report on how the car is operating. Shameless luxury. I sure would like to have the XM radio too, because it has the best ever blues channel.

Hubby pouted over the cost - whooo - $16 a month for Onstar. I think it is cheaper than locksmiths, towing trucks, stolen car locater, taking the car into the garage for diagnostics - oh, well, I pay for it, why should he pout.

The next wandering here leads me to an upcoming festival - the Crawfish and Seafood Festival. Lots of both of those and art and crafts will lure me to the park and lovely downtown streets. Grandson's school carnival kept me entertained for four hours Saturday. Montessori puts out some pretty bright kids. The teenaged musicians were fabulous. Art, from the 2 year old preschool on up auctioned off for as much as $900.00 per item - that for a quilt made by the 3-6 year olds. I tried to buy a hand painted pottery dish that grandson collaborated on, but when the price went to $250.00 I had to back down.

Enough! I have to pay bills. Really do.

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