Sunday, April 22, 2007

Family Trip

Note: More info: Tammy Faye didn't produce the "Eyes" movie, actually it was shown at the Sundance Film Festival and nominated for a Grand Jury Prize. The write-up states that the film "details the affair that ended the PTL Ministry of Tammy and husband Jimmy Bakker as well as Tammy's emergence as a hero to alternative-lifestyle communities. I wonder how one would link the two - affair and hero to alternative........, etc. Hmmm.

Well its Sunday evening and this weekend has flown away to wherever weekends go. Ex-son-in-law is mowing the yard, I found husband on top of my Barefoot Dreams robe in the study snoring away. Little guy & I slept two hours. Needed it, I awoke this a.m. feeling ill. I've been lying awake at least 4 hours a night fretting about balancing books at work.

Drove over to daughter's house to see grandson off to his prom banquet and take granddaughter her birthday stuff - they are growing up and it caused me some tears to see them turning into adults, though they are wonderful kids and will be wonderful adults. Had intended to stop at Farmers Market but took the fast route instead.

He picked out his tuxedo because it looked like James Bond's. He loved the patent shoes until he found out they hurt.

News from the County - they keep sending legal papers. They waited four months until I had left town to set a "hearing" date. They are insisting I show up for hearing, bring an attorney, and pay for all attorneys involved on their side. Hahahahahah. I've been out of work for a full three months. They want me to produce all paperwork substantiating my "claim." I didn't ask for legal actions, only asked for a hearing for cause as to why I was fired, and that by letter. Next thing I get is a legal document called an "Answer" and they want me to pay for attorneys for them. They broke? Do I look stupid?

They continue to demonstrate they are crazy. They can harrass, but by golly, don't dish it back. Sometimes I am afraid. Other times angry enough at injustice to push it. Although apparently from the newspaper the news I am getting indicates they are having internal problems, so what they reap, they will sow. Million(s) disappearing from the assessment roles? What happened? Not a small miscalculation.
Enough of that.


Biddie said...

Unbelievable. They want YOU to pay the lawyers fees? Won't that be difficult since they LET YOU GO? Honestly. That is too much.
Thank goodness for the grandkids brightening up your day. I know how you feel about them growing up. My youngest daughter is 12, and is nearly finished grade 8 for the year. I know that my girls will be wonderful women, but I still miss my babies.....

Four Dinners said...

Just stick your tongue out when you see em. Oh yeah and give em the finger from me will yer?

tshsmom said...

That's one way to get you to drop your questioning of their motives! ASSHATS!!
From what you've read in the papers, it sounds like they're starting to drown in their own filth. ;)

Wandering Coyote said...

That's absolutely UNBELIEVABLE. Don't even consider giving in to these people, Gardenia; as you said yourself, you are not stupid. These guys obviously are, and what's more, they must think you are, too. As Tshsmom put it, they are asshats. I do hope you can get some closure and resolution, though. I know how you feel about injustice; I felt the same way about that crappy bakery I was at a year ago where I was forced out. I'm still not over it.

Candy Minx said...

I am curious tos ee the Tammy Faye movie too...I will check it out in the next few days. We have been watchign the reality show with her's fascinating. He is kind of punk, kind of christian leader in a group for young people. Very odd...but great tv!

Your grandson looks terrific, what a beautiful tux. I hope he had a good party!

Oh this ordeal never seems to want to go away does it with the politics and paperwork. Try to just deal with what you have to and let the rest wash off of you...if you can my dear.