Friday, April 20, 2007

Tammy Faye Baker

I used to sit down and sometimes my channel surfing would lead me to the PTL Club network. I didn't watch it for long as Tammy Faye reminded me too much of myself, overly emotional - THAT side of me. Sometimes I would get sort of fascinated contemplating a woman gutsy enough to do her eyes like that.

During the 80's, during the Bakers' rise and fall I rather self-righteously sniffed at people who had so much, yet they screw it up, ya know? Then when Falwell went in to take over the ministry I started paying some attention - as I personally think Falwell has a, well, a problem - rather he thinks he's pretty fine and everyone else has a problem. That IS his problem. It was kind of like watching a shark come in to finish off a wounded manatee.

Anyway, I didn't give the Bakers much thought except to feel compassion as they worked their way out of such a fall - Jim Baker's book was a good read and I began to think more of him. He wasn't one of those evangelists that think they can do anything to embarrass Christianity and then come back and continue to walk on water. This man was truly humbled.

Tammy? Well, I heard she began running with the gay crowd, her necklines were worn much too low - and those eyes? Yah. Still thick and black and mostly mascara. I don't know what made me bring the movie "The Eyes of Tammy Faye Baker" to the top of my movie watching queue. I LOVED the movie! So honest, so earthy, so HUMAN! And I realized this woman lives humanity, loves humanity, and my heart grew warm toward her. I cried as her daughter told how she slept in the hospital next to her mom, Tammy, as she went through a bout with cancer and how that time bought them so close together. I cried as I watched her brave struggles, her genious and talent that contributed toward the largest Christian broadcasting network in the world at one time. I cried as I watched her survive her husband's affair and the mockery and shunning she endured. Yet, she comes out still larger than life and glorious.

She was innovative and loved too much for most people. She reached out to the gays when the AIDS crises began and caused so much anguish for so many, and she boldly reached out, she didn't care what anyone thought - in the name of love. Wow.

Ahh, here's to ya, Tammy Faye. The pic at the top was captured off of a website of a person that is into "shrine" art. I have never thought of shrine art. I wish I had the URL - this dang new version of IE doesn't let you see the URL. Kind of like labs that take your blood and you pay, but only the doctor gets to know the results.

Anyway, its worth a visit. Tammy's movie is worth a visit. Love ya'll.


tshsmom said...

I'm always suspicious of people who get rich off God's name. Tammy Faye is no exception.
Tammy Faye and I share the same hometown. She's also the great-aunt of SME's best friend.
SME has watched the movie. She says I should watch it, as I'm acquainted with several people in the film.

Wandering Coyote said...

I remember the Baker thing from when I was a kid. Oh, those eyes - you're so right!! I am suspicious of TV evangelists, like Tshsmom. But it's not like the Catholic Church isn't broke, either.

Gardenia said...

Oh, TV Evangelists! Controversial, yes! I too am suspicious - on one hand some are doing great things but if they are living in oil income opulence, well what? There are tax laws that say designated contributions actually have to go to the designation. When those areas get grey then there is trouble. As it should be.

Then living in such "high" digs, I personally think that when the money comes from people who barely have enough to give, that is a moral issue. I used to give money on an emotional level - now I am very careful about giving. I contribute to the support of missionaries, but I know their lifestyles, I know their work, and have no problem. Others, well my donations wouldn't make that much difference if they were living very "high on the hog."

It often seems that people in helping professions are required to take less money and shop at second hand stores. BUT, to me when that money comes from solicitation, you should be very careful how its spent and not live so much higher over the same strata that your donors generally live. But then I think the same thing about politicians who receive their salaries from tax payers, most of us not being wealthy! I would give them some extra for the stress and flak they take - BUT!

I'm not against nice things - I've heard so much criticism of the Crystal Cathedral in California - I visited there and it is an awesome memorial to God and a wonderful meeting place. Some politicians and Christian leaders need nice homes to do the perfunctory entertaining, counseling, etc., and even for security reasons.

One large difference is, in Christianity we have a choice to give where we give. Yet, with politicians, who gives us the choice? They give themselves their raises.

Ah, tshsmom, I bet stories abound about T.F.! You should watch the movie, I would like your opinion. LOL, email it if you want to.

Then maybe the movie was produced by Tammy Faye - it seemed to very much have her touch. And we always write our own stories the way we like them written - yet, somehow I still stand fascinated with this a point....if nothing else its a good movie about how we lose our way sometimes.......I would be very interested to know what her childhood REALLY was like.

tshsmom said...

You're absolutely right-on about politicians!! They can't seem to remember who they're working for! However, I think most of their money comes from political contributions, which assure that they vote the "right" way. :(

TF came from a long line of sleazebags. There's more than one child molester and drug dealer in her family. I don't blame her for getting away from them!
I remember TF as the shy lady who worked in the pet dept. of our Woolworth's store. She was pretty nondescript back then.

d34dpuppy said...
here u go

Karen said...

The current image I have of Tammy is from when she appeared on Surreal Life 2 with Ron Jeremy. Now there's a combination you never would have normally seen. I think she's a bit misunderstood. People tend to focus on the makeup, the crying, the Jim Baker mess, her remarriage, etc. Despite the sensationalist nature of Surreal Life, she came across as very smart, sensitive, and full of wisdom (not necessarily religious) that I don't remember seeing in her before. Perhaps she had to go through all those trials and tribulations to become the person she is today. However, she's still wearing way too much eye makeup...

Biddie said...

Like Karen, what I know of Tammy Faye has to do with the Surreal Life.
She strikes me as compassionate, intelligent, and an honest to goodness wonderful person. I gained a new respect for her after seeing her on that train wreck of a show.
I had forgotten about that movie...Maybe I should check it out.

Four Dinners said...

They don't get any viewers over here in England. We're heathens n happy