Wednesday, April 04, 2007


The primary doc released me this afternoon with the rest of tests, etc. to be done "outpatient." Oh dear. I'm afraid I'll be fired before I start work. It the first transfusion caused a blood clot which lodged in the right lung. It took three emergency room visits to get the diagnosis down. (The transfusion caused clot is an extremely rare occurrence I am told) That transfusion also did not work - within the short time between the transfusion and the third admittance to ER, the red cell count was lower than it had been the first time around. Soooooooooo, into the hospital I went as an inpatient. Another transfusion later, millions (well, it feels like it!) of needle pokes in my body, a big bag of intravenous iron -- and here I am home now. Weak and dizzy.

In the mean time my mother is calling me as the County was mailing her certified mailings to notify me that I needed to produce all the "evidence" that I removed from the office. What evidence? Why my mother? When I returned to work my office had been ransacked, the computer was gone, my procedure books, and I was not given the time to find out what else had been "purloined." The new Clerk had stated in the local newspaper that she wasn't firing anyone, so why would I take "evidence?" Evidence of what? What are they afraid of that I might know? I really hope I don't need an attorney - or victims' witness progrm protection. (Just joking.) All I did was request a hearing from the Commissioners per our personnel policies to find out why I had been fired. I wanted them to say the reason.

So, when am I going to start having fun? DUnno. BUT am going to try to go into work tomorrow. Then oldest daughter has rented a condo on the beach for Easter holiday. I will join family overlooking the Gulf and perhaps get a book and bask in the sun. Couldn't read at the hospital - I was either being poked or on a gurney being wheeled somewhere for a test.

Going now, my youngest daughter is holding a needle saying something about its time for your Lovenox. (blood thinner) She informs me the drug is named so because they stick you in the love handles.


d34dpuppy said...

shes gettin her revenge on ya mum
i hope u hava good easter

Candy Minx said...

I am so wooried now I feel sick...listen...

you need to go research things that will balance out your cell count...can you google that?

Perhaps almonds, dates, steak, (natural source!!!)vitamin E and B and C...taken SEPARATELY from any iron the doctors may have preascribed...have they prescribed you iron. I am assuming they must have....???

You need to eat some brocoli too my love.

I am so worried...try to "google" for some ideas of what you can do to stimulate your blood cell levels as wel as what the doctors want you to do okay?

Candy Minx said...

Okay I just re-read your post and you are reciving iron intraveneously...okay do you do that teatment all day long?

If there is a break of a couple of hours between iron must eat a little something and take vitamin E and C and B...and then wait another couple of hours to take the iron.

Unfortunately...the iron that you are taking is synthetic and very very difficult to make sure you do eat some iron rich foods...

brewers yeast
blackstrap mollasses
a glass of prune jouice (sorry but it has a lot of iron in it)

You need to help absorb the iron by getting it in a natural source okay...I have a feeling your body is having terrible trouble accepting the synthetic iron....

Hattigrace said...

Yeeeeesh. Could you have any more problems?!! Candy Minx giving you some great advice. I am so sorry you are going through all this. And not even with great hair?!! Sorry. Vanity, vanity.

I love you. Drink that prune juice, okay?!

Gardenia said...

Hmmm Candy Minx, I never thought about the synthetic iron not being something I could absorb - the doctors may have it backwards - I'm in a mess - they say that I can't have leafy green vegetables because it'll mess with the blood thinners - I hate this merry-go-round - I don't like doctors, hospitals, etc...not personal - its just that its a patch job, not a preventative and often one med necessitates taking on another - until your system is totally weakened! I will conquer - eventually - I think - there is some herb from Costa Rica that is used to treat anemia - I'm serioiusly thinking about sending for some - would be worth a try! Thanks for the hints - I've been eating almonds for snacks - will have to work on the prunes & liver tho! Although, liver, if prepared right can be really yummy - with onions and ketchup.

Ya Think? said...

I am very worried about you... How long were you in the hospital? Are you feeling better now?

Just a thought, but is pursuing the old job worth it? It looks like they will play hardball in a corrupt way if you do.. I know, I know... This is coming from me who is never afraid to take on a cause or fight.. But when my health started declining, I had to decide what was worth it. My health won out.

I cannot imagine the evidence they are talking about, but at this point I would not talk to them. Other than you did not remove anything from their office. Period. Do not expand beyond that.

I love you and hope you begin to feel better.

Ya Think?

Gardenia said...

Puppy, I now (Sunday) learned how to give the shots to myself! Its not bad. Yikes....8 more needles and that should be over. Daughter was giggling in a rather wicked way, come to think of it!

Pickled Olives said...

Oh my, will the evil other place ever end for you? And hopefully you are gaining strength and will be back to feeling normal again soon!!!