Saturday, September 08, 2007


Bags, bags, bags, I love bags. Back in job world, I would be the only employee with a handbag or a purse, and a bag. Yah, I know - a big fashion "no no." I don't care. I still don't understand how anyone can get by without a largish bag. This is the bag I currently crave.

What do I carry in them? Let's see - there is the utility work "bag." In it, will be a bottle of water or two, a tube of lotion, medicine, crackers and an apple in case you get caught and can't go to lunch or dinner, an umbrella in case it rains, a plastic bag of ice (for my back and you can also chew it if you have anemia) and mail I've grabbed from the P.O. box.

Then, of course, a beach bag is a must, especially if you are a spur of the moment beach goer. Or, in case Fabio calls up and wants to meet you in Aruba, you are ready! In it, is a bathing suit, two beach towels, sun screen, a tube of insect repellent just in case the sand flies are biting, a comb, lipstick, hairspray, a small mirror, a small purse for money, a book or two, and sometimes ice cold grapes, and oh - yeah the water bottles. Camera at the last minute. And, more mail.

Then, the art bag - with a sketch pad, pencils, chalk, and camera, and somehow extraneous paper creeps in there as well.

Then there is a travel bag - a shorter, leopard or zebra print version of the gym bag - for short trips.

The empty canvas bag with strong handles - for trips to the stores - just a small pitch for the environment - one less plastic bag used.

The meeting bag. Any state but the previous one I was in, a briefcase can be the "meeting bag." In the meeting bag - bottled water, a steno pad, mechanical pencils and a pen or two, business cards, (yeh, yeh, should carry a brief case - but didn't want to appear too business like - that is not appreciated where I was in that other State). Even attorneys, like true frontiersfolk carried their files in their arms, but never briefcases. In fact, I was warned right off early by a well meaning associate, that I should "ditch the bag." I found out it was not because there was a prejudice against bags, just a general prejudice against "commie environmentalists." My bag said "Save Our Last Wild Places." Ooops, treason.

So, obviously I drew the conclusion - a bag can define who you are. Thus, partially thus, my craving for the gorgeous bag that I have linked above. Fabio, feel free to add this as a wee gift for me when we take our spur of the moment island trip.

The ideal situation is a bag large enough to hold any assortment of carriables AND a small purse.

Any other bag people out there?


Hattigrace said...

Oi. I NEVER leave my house without a bag. I have cloth bags my sister gave me 20 years ago. She was environmentally conscious then! Okay, I think I need to do a post on this, too!

I love your humor!

Gardenia said...

This tickles me hattigrace - you have marvelous uses for bags I haven't thought of.

I am going to take one to the car in a moment and put all those "action figure" toys in it that are littering my back seat as well as one for the emergency pair of shoes I carry.

This is going to turn out to be a fun post.

McPuffin said...

I have an OCD when it comes to purses. It's terrible...they're getting more and more expensive. The latest one is always what I think will be the last... the ultimate! But there are always new ones...with more compartments and even lovlier leather. Going to Italy would probably be devastating for me LOL

McPuffin said...

oh, and that was funny about your last sentence... I had just started to think along those lines yesterday!

tshsmom said...

I'm a "bag lady" too. My tastes tend to be more practical than stylish.
I have a small duffel bag that permanently holds our swimsuits, towels, sunscreen, and comb.
I bought 2 insulated(padded) 6-pack coolers for $1 each. They're collapsible, with a shoulder strap. Perfect for carrying my camera, water, and wallet on a bike ride or walk!
I also LOVE backpacks and fanny packs. We all have one!

When shopping for a purse, I look for sturdy, with a lot of zippered compartments. Open purses, that aren't zippered, are a DISASTER for me. I carry a LOT of weird stuff in my purse...don't ask. ;)

Four Dinners said...

lots of bag people in Hayes Town. They sleep on the streets. 99% are white English. There's no money to help them. It keeps going to the asylum seekers. Mainly muslim.

I've got a big bag called 'mother'. Does she count?

Gardenia said...

LOL, we are getting different definitions of bags - I will never ever forget Lucille Ball's acting in a movie about "bag ladies" - she lived on the street. It was an awesome heart wrenching movie.

4D - I think a country's obligation is to take care of their own first, definitely.

Wandering Coyote said...

I'm not really a bag person. I always hated carrying even a purse. I now have compromised and have a shoulder bag I really like from Mountain Equipment Co-op. I can carry quite a bit of stuff in it. I used to carry a backpack with me wherever I went because I was always taking transit and it was just way more convenient. I'm sorta over that now. Very student-ish and and I'm WAY over that now!

Biddie said...

My kids make fun of me, because I usually take my small purse and a big bag with me when I go out. I need to. My kids STILL get me to carry their sunglasses, cell phones, wallets, and other stuff...
We use cloth bags for groceries, now, too. It's easier. They don't rip when I lift them out of the car...

tweetey30 said...

The only time I get Bag crazy is when we go to the Library. The kids love to bring books home and now that we are home schooling Kora is going ot need a bag almost to herself. LOL.. No its not that bad.

Red said...

First of all, let me tell you that I ADORE the bag you've got your eye on, especially love the colour. Anything green has got to be fabulous!

I do feel naked without my trusted red (of course!) Manhattan Portage bag. What's in it? My purse, mobile phone, camera, pen, keys, lip balm, old receipts floating around...

I love the idea of an ever-ready beach bag! Unfortch, I have not much use for one of those here... :(