Wednesday, September 26, 2007


While looking for work, I always see the term "must be a multi-tasker."

Is multi-tasking really an asset? New research indicates that multi-tasking might be driving us crazy, impeding our concentration and focus, resulting in reduced output in the long run and affecting the quality of work. (Notice in the picture that Shiva has her legs in a knot over her clutter! Ha, ha, my translation of the picture!)

Now, having been praised for being a great multi-tasker all my life, I can see where the new research is pretty right on. It takes a bit of self-assertion to tell people to get in line with their requests so you can focus on one at a time. Or, what about the discipline needed to help myself do paperwork by turning the TV or music off so I can do my work quickly and to the best of my ability? Or to turn off the chitter chatter of a co-worker? How many times have I looked forward to a holiday and crashed with a sickness because I was doing my work and everyone else's as well? Working longer to make up for the time lost? More than I would like to admit to.

Joyce Myers on her TV show today said that if one wants to simplify (I've been trying several years now) life, they need to get rid of clutter of all kinds. Clutter in the mind is about as hindering as clutter in the house. I agree.

The thing is, I don't know how to start. I have steadily been chopping away at my own clutter. "Knick knack" purchases have left my life many years ago. If its not functional, I don't buy it. I threw out a cupboard full of piecemeal dishes and bought a whole set. Now where all the rest that are once again cluttering my dish cupboard came from I don't know.

Perhaps the change needs to be injected into my head with a giant syringe - what do I have to prove by keeping two years of credit card billings with the check # and date of payment written on them? I dunno. If the balance is correct after two billing cycles, I would say I could throw away everything but the last two billing cycles. (I've cleaned my files--this is my new goal - 2 months only.) And so on and on and on......I sure have burned up some good meals while multi-tasking on the computer - I can see lots of havoc in my time from trying to do a million things at once.

And what to do about a house full of clutter - family members who can't throw away empty boxes or sacks, who have boxes of "stuff" sitting everywhere, and corners piled up with who knows what? Ah, Hattigrace was so right, I have to create an oasis of calm in this room somehow so I can paint. Its not wrong to be clutter people, some people just are - but its wrong for me because I get so nervous and frustrated I freeze and can't do what I need to do because it overwhelms me.

Anyone else out there in the process of simplifying? Any hints or pointers how you deal with clutter?


Ya Think? said...

WOW!!! That is all I can say!!! Your new layout is absolutely AWESOME!!! How did you do this?

I love you!!!

Ya Think!!

tshsmom said...

I'm trying too! It doesn't help when my guys don't understand that clutter drives me INSANE! And, yes, it is overwhelming!

The only hint I have, is the one I stumbled upon this week. I have refused to make dinner any day that I come home from work and find my clean kitchen(from the night before), in a shambles. 3 nights without dinner and hubby cleaned up his mess yesterday, and Z cleaned up the kitchen today. My kitchen is currently spotless! ;)

Hattigrace said...

Clutter control for me is a never ending process. Most likely bc I buy too much, have too much of my mom's stuff.

You know how I am at work. I will stop a haircut and clean up and put up bc clutter just sucks the life/creativity out of me. I can't think in it.

But the other problem is I create clutter. How complicated am I? At least I love to organize, so I can fix my own messes.

I do the best when I am mad at TT. I can de-clutter and organize in half the time!

Vicki said...

I personally think that all evil employers made up the phrase Multi-tasking to get someone to work for them under the ruse that they have one job when in reality they are hiring to fill the job of four to six people, and only have to pay for one!!!

No wonder we clutter...we are six different people to our employer and can anyone count how many positions we fill making our home happy, clean and full of good food and love for our families.? Can you tell I am still sick and exhausted and slightly fizzled????
Where did I put that...I am always looking for some darn piece of paper that I put somewhere that I JUST KNEW I would remember.

Gardenia said...

tshsmom, WAY TO GO!

Hatti....I knew we had something in common - we are able to create the clutter we can't stand - I remember back when anger gave me energy to clean - - sigh, I would even settle for that now!

Vicki - yabbuh! Sometimes we just have too many pots boiling as grandma would say!

Cleaning lady here do good with clutter - she disappear it - but it shows up again - oh say four days, only not what we need that we can't find! Maybe that's her method of getting us to pick everything up before she gets here!