Sunday, September 23, 2007

Saturday and Sunday

Milkweed from my garden - the butterflies love it!

Saturday I had a most wonderful afternoon with Hattigrace sharing art books, sipping a glass of excellent wine, and having wonderful conversation. She is encouraging me to remake study to studio. Ok, I'm starting. The task seems overwhelming as I "collect" for future art and have no storage area for me. She had some ideas for that too. Take what I want out of the magazines, catalog, and dump the rest. Rearrange some. Dump the carpet for studio resistant flooring to begin.

She produced a couple of her paintings from the back of her car and I'm so excited that she is doing so much painting. What a great sense of color! And - an art buddy! Oh happy day. I don't take out enough time for friends, and this afternoon was such a wonderful treat!

This a.m. we started out for church, but the parking lot was slogging with water from a downpour and grandson was hungry, and I said, oh well, at least we made it to the parking lot this time. I felt a twinge of guilt. But it was a quiet gentle morning anyway.

We went to IHop, then we went and walked the perimeter of the neighborhood park. We pulled wild flowers to plant in the flower garden. I got up to a huff and puff and decided the track is calling me in the mornings, every morning, hopefully.

Discipline calls me. Exercising, getting up early in the a.m. and getting busy on my long list of "to do's," clearing the study so I can do what I want, HAVE to do. Decluttering my life is a challenge as I live with extremely cluttered folks and their clutter keeps creeping in to my areas and overflows along with my clutter and ultimately the end result is that there is so much "STUFF" that there is not any room for any one's stuff. The only time I really painted consistently was when I commandeered a room in our previous home strictly for art. I'm sure there is a joke somewhere about how many hoarders does it take to drive them all crazy? But hey, is that a problem? NO. I soon will have a short review of "My Sister's Keeper" up on the Fall Read list. The book reminds me that, really, I have no problems compared to so many others.


Hattigrace said...

Ha!!!!!!!! I think you and I need to visit more often, eh? I am still grinning!

Your gift has taught me a lot. I need to slow down and not try to do a painting in one day. Mine lack the literal depth. I did not know how to do that.

I am going to try the dark to light on what ever I do next!

Thank you so much for having me out to your home. It was a lovely day.

Gardenia said...

hattigrace, that kitty was layers and layers of oil, thus the depth. Keep painting! If ya want to paint one Saturday, come on over! or any day - we will do one by blocking and then dark to light. Look at Blondheim - she turns out one a day sometimes - I want to try that method she uses of starting several and having the basic ready........

My Reflecting Pool said...

It sounds like you are getting there and have a better handle than you may think on things. I like the idea of an art studio. We have too much clutter too and I hate hate hate it. I throw thing away no one misses. It begs the question: why don't they just throw it away themselves?

tweetey30 said...

This is a time when I would just say enough of that and when you put something in there take it out. People. LOL.. Glad you had a good weekend and a good visit.

tweetey30 said...
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Gardenia said...

tweety - you doubled - I erased one - lol - I did tell hubby to take it out - all 120 books on marriage - so I could have my bookcase back and guess where he

r.....pool - oh thank you - I hope I do have a better handle - sometimes I think I need counseling!

Hattigrace said...

Uh, what is blocking? Is that where you do the background first in different colors depending on what part of the picture it is?

When I come over next, we are tearing into your room!!!! Clean Sweep. Watch the show, it will help you.

We need to watch for a fabric sale miracle, cause you will need a LOT.

Decide if you want to be able to cover the windows at night, or if you just want a lush framing of the entire bay window.

Can we install the flooring ourselves? Need to have some young backs over there to get stuff moved out.

Gardenia said...

Yike! I know no young backs. Since I hurt mine, hubby has been yelling about his. J has scoliosis, ex-son-in-law disappears when there is work to be done, and if he doesn't disappear, he tears something up or makes a mess, so not worth it. Hopefully I will have a bit of a windfall soon - I hope - that will take care of material, floor, & the hire of a couple young healthy backs....I have four bags of throwaways lying on the floor for garbage this morning! Yay. If I were ten years younger I could do flooring easy! But now? Might be able to lay tile sitting on a hip!

Yes - block in the color as you said.

d34dpuppy said...

u can alwasy find guys on tha corner 2 work cheap if u speak spanish

Vicki said...

Please take b4 and after pics so I can see StudioDi taking shape.=)
Watch out for banditos, hermana, deys can be grande problema, mucho moco.

Gardenia said...

Oh Pup and Vicki you are so funny! Hubby is at the chiropractor - maybe it will take and if we tell him EXACTLY what to do and when - maybe? Good idea getting pics!