Tuesday, September 18, 2007

A Good Time

Well, my sister left on the airplane today. We had fun and we talked, talked, talked, talked and talked. Didn't do as much as we wanted to - wanted to drive down the coast across Mississippi, Alabama, and Louisiana. We didn't make it. My stamina loss makes me angry and frustrated. I wish she could have stayed a month and so we could have done more.

We did a lot though. Just about single-handedly, she finished my flower garden in two evenings. We planted a trumpet bush (the yellow flower). I love it! The pinkish red flowers are "Shrimp" flowers. We bought some blue flowered bushes also. All of these can be propagated to make more. Hopefully next spring the day lillies will thrive as well and I can double the flowers in the planted area and it will become lush. ALL weeds are gone. The compost is spread and pine straw placed on top to keep in the moisture and protect the plants. Looking out my kitchen window and seeing the garden finally finished (here it is fall already) makes me smile!

One morning we sat in the back drinking our coffee and watched the damselflies and dragonflies doing their dances. The "love bugs" are out - once a year the air fills with little love crazy black and orange bugs flying about two by two.

We would forget to eat until one of us felt yucky. Then we'd have something freshly grown from the market. Or oysters. Or catfish. Or cheese grits. She rode with me as I made my medical appointments. We watched "Labyrinth." We drank wine. I miss her so much already.


Hattigrace said...

Don't you hate that hollow feeling and how the house is just too quiet? Sounds like you two thoroughly enjoyed each other. Keeping up with her blog will be fun.

Biddie said...

I bet you miss her!
Hattigrace is right - the house is always too quiet after your fav visitors leave.

tweetey30 said...

My parents were here a few weeks ago and its always quiet after they leave even though I have to admit they arent my favorite visitors. LOL.. I love my parents but I would rather have them go home.

d34dpuppy said...

cheese gris! em em em :o)