Friday, September 21, 2007

Twenty Ways to Bug Your Parents

Conference yesterday. He's doing well, struggling in a couple of areas, but considering the materials are light years ahead of what he was doing last year, he's doing extremely well. I adore the teacher. He carefully seated him with three other boys who were great kids with good families. I noticed he is acting more his age and I think, "No wonder!" Montessori often combines varied age groups together which I could see the advantages in some areas, but not when the child is consistantly acting and year or two younger than his/her age.

He's taking piano and loving it, and is looking forward to joining choir.

He and PawPaw went walking the neighborhood for the school fundraiser and had a great time. PawPaw was puffing a bit though.

He was the greatest gentleman when my sister was here. He sometimes had some acting out problems when company was around because he liked the attention AND his routine was interrupted as well.

I don't know if this is part of Barbara Bush's initiative or President Bush's, but there is a stringent reading program the kids need to keep up with. I laughed when Sage chose a 200 page book entitled "Twenty Ways to Bug Your Parents."

The teacher is a reader! The last book they read was a story about Amelia Earhart and Eleaonor Rooseveldt. That is good. If your child can grasp a love for reading, they are guaranteed years of enjoyment and enrichment!


tweetey30 said...

Kora is just starting to read and when her library card comes in the mail I just might find these for her and read them to her. she loves looking at books but is afraid yet with some of the words.

* (asterisk) said...

I can't fathom people not liking or wanting to read. There is such an immeasurable wealth of entertainment and information available in the printed word that to show no interest in reading is like saying you have no interest in breathing, I think. And by developing an interest in stories and reading, we can ensure our children (not mine, but you know) are able to read and don't end up illiterate.

Hattigrace said...

Yes, reading is wonderful.

Four Dinners said...

Jax reads more than me 'n I read a lot.

She could give you another 50 ways to bug parents n all....

tshsmom said...

SME bought that book for Z when he was younger. He LOVED it!
I'm soooo happy that little guy is doing well and enjoying school!

My family is always appalled when they visit someone's home and they have NO books! How do people live without books?

Gardenia said...

I don't know how people live without books in their homes. Libraries? I have visited libraries in two towns back in WY and also here and I'm finding that people are really using libraries compared to a few years ago.

Some people read books and pass them on. My husbands keeps everything he EVER read and thus, our house overflows. Unfortunately our reading tastes really differ.

We are lucky to have a really cool used bookstore here - I take our read books and trade them in for newer ones at a bit of a price. Of course, I have my art books and a few meaningful hardbacks I hold on to.

The little boy has his bookcases as well.