Monday, September 10, 2007

My sisserbae issa cominae.

I received a phone call about three hours ago. My sister was stuck somewhere in airplaneville. I said, "HUH?" "Thought you were coming tomorrow."

She laughs.

I have the days mixed up. It is tonight. Well, there is a delay in the middle flight. Three airplanes and two layovers to fly from west coast to the east coast and back west again to the destination? Maybe tonight.

This is the sister and I who talk the weird language to each other. Thanks to Jodie Foster and a need to keepa hubsands frooon kanowing whatta wasbe takin bout. Sometimes I swear we should be on stage somewhere as when we get together the comedy hour starts.

I will never forget the night I had on satin black pants and a leopard skin top and she had a dress on. We went out for some fun. Started popping champagne corks on the way to Des Moines. Will never forget Sisty falling down the Capitol Building steps (hope I got the right capitol/capital?). She had on really good nylons, they didn't even rip. Later the wild Irishman futures broker I was dating was running across the street carrying me on his back and dropped me to the pavement shredding some really cool satin pants. Oh well. Those were the days.

I guess I better go and think of something for her to eat when she gets here. Airplane food has disintegrated from pretty good meals to six peanuts and one-fourth of a coke or other beverage. She'll be hungry. Isabee excitabe.


Hattigrace said...

I ambe laughinbe sobe hardee!!!

Biddie said...

Yay! Your sister is coming!
Have a great visit, and tell us all about it. (please)

tweetey30 said...

Have fun. Enjoy yourself with your sister.

Candy Minx said...

Oh that is make me miss my sister...we laugh so much that sometimes people just have to leave the room. We will laugh about all kinds of silly illogical things...impossible to explain to others.

Airplane food? I remember when you used to get a nice meal on it's mostly a bag of crackers and you have to pay for them. I have turned into my grandmother! I remember she always packed food on every trip she went on and I used to think she was so eccentric for I've got a sandwich with me and ...well as a matter of fact...I've got some pesto and brocolli in containers and some yogurt and blueberries and pasta in other containers I am taking on the road with me...even buses hardly make stop overs for food anymore.

When I wa sin Edmonton last winter I had a lunch packed on the plane...and when I opened it the whole aircraft smeeled like garlic and cauliflower YIKES!

Gardenia said...

candyminx, I'm laughing about the atmosphere filling with garlic, etc.....that's something I would do. I used to take canned salmon to work and a couple of the women squealed and whined until I quit. Ya gotta be prepared because you need good food when traveling. Be safe!

Wandering Coyote said...

Oh, I certainly hope you guys have a great time together!

My Reflecting Pool said...

Sounds Awesome! A visit with a favorite sister, well, enjoy yourselves and laugh a lot! Can't wait to read about your escapades.

d34dpuppy said...

shes flyin in circles?

Biddie said...

you have an award at my place :)