Thursday, September 20, 2007

Semi Tropical Spiders

This is a view to the outside from my study window. Not too long ago, the palms were babies.

One of the disadvantages of living in a semi tropical climate is this very nasty spider bite I've been wrestling with for several weeks. It is still painful and itching as well. I've called the doctor and will pick up my meds today. Then I'll go in to the office next week so he can access the damage and treat accordingly. I was sick for a week a while back and am wondering if perhaps the two are associated. Anyway its creeping me out. It's probably a good thing I was on antibiotics for something else when this thing took a bite out of me.

There is a "new" spider in the panhandle, but as my friend said, I would have to put my foot in the toilet to get bit. Then I wouldn't be around to tell about it. The little white spider with red dots on its tummy lurks under toilet seats. One man not too far from here died from its bite. A warning has gone out to look before you sit!

Mostly I am afraid of the Brown Recluse which is so prevalent around the country. While looking up spider bites to identify this bite, I ran across something called a Cone Spider. That was a horrible looking sight to behold.

Once, at my older daughter's house, we looked out the bedroom window to see a beautiful yellow and black spider about the size of a coffee cup saucer. It's web was HUGE! After it was disposed of, I found out it was a common garden spider - a "good fellow"

Well, I have a major stack of paperwork to work my way through, so I better get to work - at least take a shower, spiff up a bit, and grab a cup of coffee to make it easier!

And last, but not least, I have a growing fall reading list, but can't find where to post it to join the reading club.


tweetey30 said...

Go to mine and ask Karen to be added to the fall reading list. We have a special blog for it this time around. Just go under my profile and its under Fall reading Challenge.

Wandering Coyote said...

There is a link on my sidebar near the top under "I also contribute here." Karen will set you up.

Yucky about the spider bite. I read that if you can, you should try to save the spider so you can properly identify it. That's not always possible, I know. I hope it gets better soon and that the meds help.

Red said...

Look before you sit?!? Yikes.

Bites are annoying, though. I have also noticed that the older I get, the nastier the reaction. Even innocuous mosquito bites end up looking like nasty, weeping open wounds. One of the few reasons to like the winter, I guess: no bugs around!

Gardenia said...

so frustrating - genetics lets the bugs know when to move indoors here because a cold snap is coming!

I found some spider traps on line - some people are more susceptible - my grandson went for a walk last night, came home looking like a donor for biting bugs......

Ya Think? said...

Hey there Di,

I think you are talking about the orb-weaving spider that was so beautiful!! Here is a link to a picture of one. I have them here outside my home and out buildings and am just in awe of them...

Ya Think? said...

Brown Recluse,

To let you know, the brown recluse can render you very tired for the next several weeks. I do not know if it is from the bite itself or the antibiotics. Additionally, you will need to keep an eye on this bite in the future, as it is similar to a staff infection in regards to the way it behaves. Like a staff infection the infection from the same bite can re-infect years down the road. Kinda strange...

I hope you got this under control. I was bit a number of years ago and it was not a picnic.


Ya Think!!!