Friday, November 09, 2007

I'se still Scared.........................

When I first moved here, the thrill of having these jets fly right over my head was wonderful. Watching them fly in harmony within inches of each other thrilled me. I would park my chair in my yard and watch practices, wave at the low flying pilots, and also watch the base show at every opportunity. We invited people over to watch practice or shows from our front yard.

However, as of late, I am thinking about talking to the County Commissioners - or someone - for two years now, the planes fly so close to my home that my windows wave and groan, the roof and ceiling pop and groan and my ears hurt, literally hurt. One afternoon I was out watering, and I couldn't hear for three hours after one jet had passed over.

We walk about the house and as a jet roars over the roof, we instinctively duck. We look really strange walking through the house and suddenly ducking like we are being bombed. My pictures on the walls always have to be straightened after a practice.

The cats fall to their bellies with their elbows above their backs and are paralyzed as well during the low swoops. We are becoming a family of jumpy folks. Like the greyhound I adopted who could not stand this noise, we will soon be chewing the corners off our walls and the blinds off of the windows.

I'm lacking in understanding, since there is a wide expanse of unpopulated area where they can fly, why they have to fly so close to our homes. I don't want to seem unpatriotic, but my stress levels are hardly able to handle the practices, let alone the knowledge that things can go wrong and crashes do happen, and my home and family can't be replaced. If I decide to take the risk and go to an air show, that is one thing, but my home should be a safe place, and I don't feel safe with the jets skimming the trees. With increasingly lower flying stunts, the thrill is gone.


tweetey30 said...

I would be afraid also. I understand when its cloudy and they need to see where they are going for airports but just for airshows that is awfully low. I know when we go to the one in Oshkosh every year its a beautiful sight but scary because of how low some of the planes get.

Vicki said...

Now if any of you think this is just a loud but tolerable flyby, I want you to know that while I was there for a visit I experienced this phenomenon.
I am not a "jet jumpy" person. I live less than 2 miles from the Boeing plant that produces the 747's, 737's and the new Dreamliner. After 20 years I am accustomed to jet noise at all times of the day.
This noise that Gardenia is talking about is intensely abrupt and insanely loud. It happened while I was there and it scared the fire out of me. There is no warning..and in light of the recent crashes I would be extremely concerned that one of the jets would smash into my house.

Gardenia said...

Thanks, Vicki, lest my blogging buddies think I have lost my mind and gotten cranky - it is different than "just having a plane fly over." I remember you ducking as well - in the garden!

Trying to decide whether to get a bottle of wine and move the chairs to the front yard this afternoon or go north and go to the movies.

Vicki said...

Before you go north and see a movie, tell "H" to move the chairs. Maybe he will get them to the front of the house, at least. No dragging chairs. Get bottle of wine on way home from movie, chuck it in the ice bin, take your shoes off, wash face get glass of wine, setta in chair and watch beautiful sky change into night time.

Candy Minx said...

Oh this is so sad and scary.

I saw a nimrod crash at an airshow was very very sad day.