Saturday, November 24, 2007

'Twas a Grand Ol' Time'

Alter Ego - "Is it Christmas or Turkey Day?"

"We made it, when do we eat?"

"I haz sat on Turkey grease."

"Ah, finally off my feet."

"I sharz bed with boy on Turkey Day."

It's over, sigh! I did get quite a bit of cooking done without too much pain, thanks to my kitchen stool. Everyone pitched in really well - we had massive amounts of food and I'm already trying to think of casseroles to make and freeze so none will go to waste. I should have sent way more ham home with M. Enjoyed everyone immensely.

We had turkey, ham, garlic mashed potatoes & gravy, yeast rolls, green beans, blueberry salad, cranberry salad, asparagus casserole, antipasto platter, sausage and andoullie stuffing, regular stuffing, pumpkin, homemade pecan pie, and cherry pie. I think I covered everything.

"Black" Friday, at 3:00 a.m.: I arose from a stupor, and accompanied daughter, "J", for some shopping specials. It was fun - I had always stayed home on Friday after Thanksgiving, but it really did turn out to be fun. We bought each other's Christmas present - not much of a surprise, but the fun we had together was really the present. It was cold and breezy - about 37 degrees. Then I took boy and his dad up to Toys R Us - yep, a corporate conglomerate that imports toys from China, where are my morals, and we all looked around getting ideas for Christmas. I got tickled, because boy's request from me is a rolling, adjustable, comfortable office chair. So cute! Then he wanted to go to Olive Garden, Dad was broke and went home, and we headed to the car. When I got to the car I realized I could barely walk - so we skipped Olive Garden and hit Taco Bell drive through. But it was a fun day.

This weekend "H" is going to bring all the decorations in from the garage and we will put up a tree. All these things I've taken so much for granted, and I'm appreciating them from the bottom of my heart this year - being alive, getting around to have the holidays, my family, friends, the beautiful earth - no freezing temperatures - haha -

Time to get dressed, take the boy to play with an old friend from Montessori - then what, I don't know. Maybe coffee with a friend, or a nap, or paint - we'll see.


Candy Minx said...

Whoo a whilwind day and evening. I've only now just come to see many of the traditions on this holiday weekend. First...I had never realized that it is a four day weekend. Well, for those who don't work retail...I think the four days off is genius.

It is funny after working so hard on Wednesday and Thursday and then it is rewarding to know there are three more days to have as weekend.Your meal sounds amazing...and I love left overs, it means almost no cooking for a day or two which is fun too change things up a bit.

My gosh, 37 degrees that's chilly. It was 27 here last night. (we went out to see some bands I'll post some pics later) But I didn't expect Florida to be so cold!

I love the photo with the zebra chair and the beautiful black and white cat...who looks like my ol pretty! What a sweetie, I would grab and cuddle that cat for ages.

I am so pleased to hear you had your family around and such a good visit.

I also learned that this is when many family's put up their holiday tree. Last year I didn't notice these seemed so different because we went out for dinner.

I hope you are getting some good sleeps these is that going?

Gardenia said...

Oh Candy, sleep is different as night and day - I'll be open about it - the Prozac did the trick, the anxiety is like 90% less and I'm sleeping! Yay!

I like the long weekend - very nice - "H" is in retail so is working, daughter sleeping off last nights' duty, boy playing with a friend - I have the rest of day all to myself. Nice.

Yes, in the Panhandle we have about 3 cool months for winter (rare to need more than a sweater tho) - a gorgeous spring and fall - and a three month summer, July, August, September, that is hot and muggy.

Camelias will bloom, the oranges are turning orange, the magnolias going for a second bloom - I drove out to a State Park in 'Bama a little while ago - saw some wonderful birds and beautiful wetlands - want to go back with paper and pastels.

Ya Think? said...

It sounds as if you had fun "M" is looking good!!

I have never fought the midnight early morning crowds for the day after Thanksgiving.

I am glad the prozac is doing the trick!! It takes about 28 days for it to take hold and it sounds like it did just that.

Kudo's to you!!

Anonymous said...

tha whole inside is decorated 4 christmas already we have 2 trees it makes me have claustrophobia but he dun care he just luvs 2 decorate ...mabe hes gay 2

Gardenia said...

Puppy, I get claustrophobia too - I like a very spare atmosphere about me - but I live with all these cluttery people who can never throw/dispose of anything! I love Christmas but breathe deep when its over!

Hattigrace said...

Wow!! What a spread and how courageous to get out and shop so early in the a.m. ToysRUs and all the other places I shop is why I don't say anything critical about things! We're all God's people and I don't think He cares who made it, as long as the "it" doesn't own US!!

Anyway, I am very happy you had such a good time.

Vicki said...

I am happy things went well, and you are not down sick!! I am glad that you and J got some time together. I really enjoy my grandbabe but enjoy having time with W, just the two of us. I am so surprised that she turned out to be such a great person and mommie.
I resisted Zoloft, too. I felt like a hamster on one of those wheels. I was concerned that I wouldn't be able to get off of them, become dependant, I don't like taking meds.

Milla said...

It sounds like you had a marvellous day -maybe a lil' bit tiring, eh? The pictures are great, especially the last one.
Will you post some food pictures?

Gardenia said...

I don't have pictures of the food - probably a throwback to the Albania trip!

tshsmom said...

I'm glad that everything went so smoothly for you!!
Thanksgiving is all about enjoying family and friends, isn't it?

* (asterisk) said...

Wow, glad it all went okay, G!