Friday, November 30, 2007

Movie Night

After a grueling morning typing a science project, creating tables, and various other last minute makings, I decided I needed a treat. Because there will be a lot more work on the project to do tomorrow.

So tonight I went to two movies, back on back. The first one was "Beowulf" in 3D. Don't waste your time or money. Rarely I say that about a movie. First, I kept getting a headache because of the 3D.

Rendering people semi-well is a new thing to the movie making world I think - I would say that Shrek was more believable than these characters. Ever an Angelina Jolie fan, I thought the movie would at least be worth a glimpse of her. For the life of me, I can't figure out why she took this part. She plays the mother of a demon and dwells in the waters. Secondly, it appears that they pasted her once-lovely head on another body - Angelina is a rack of bones right now, and the water demon was rounded, and her mouth just wasn't moving right. I've seen better versions on the Sci Fi Channel.

Next, I saw "No Country for Old Men." The landscapes looked much like Wyoming although it was supposed to be Texas. Maybe parts were filmed in Wyoming, who knows. It was a very good movie, I thought. It wasn't what I expected. Yes, a bit depressing, but the acting, filmography, writing - made it all worth it. Surprise ending, but we won't go there. The major villain in the movie was very well acted, gave me the cold chills.


tweetey30 said...

Ok so Beowulf isnt worth watching but is the second worth renting when it comes out. I have seen it on comercials on tv and it looks ok... LOL.. I am in a good mood today.


The 'Old Men' movie opens here in a couple of months. I'll give it a go. Heard good things about it.

There's a country no good for anyone lately. Heard about our British teacher in the Sudan?

Apparently the Sudanese muslims are about to issue a fatwa against the Care Bears....

Gardenia said...

Yes, 'Old Men' is good I think although the ending wasn't what I would have wrote!

I've been following that teacher's plight - is there any sanity in that religion?

Biddie said...

Shawn and I almost saw No Country For Old Men the other night. We saw Awake, instead.
Don't Bother. I wish that I would have seen August Rush. I was afraid to see a tear jerker when I ahave been off of my meds for so long! :)
So, I guess that I am out of the loop, again. What is going on with the teacher and the Sudanese Muslims?
We just rented The Terminal last night. It was more than worth the $3 rental fee.

Gardenia said...

Terminal was great! I almost saw August Rush too - well, maybe I can sneak off this week - we'll see - the teacher apparently allowed some students to name a stuffed animal "Muhammed." The fundamentalist Muslims are calling for her death.

Candy Minx said...

Well... she commited whatmight be betterunderstood as a spiritual treason.

We don't have laws that support capital punishment for a spiritual transgression...but we do for political transgrssions like treason.

It might be easier to understand the situation if you realize that the teacher commited treason against a counties god.

We treat religion and the spirit differently here...they are dead serious in Sudan.

Everyone knows to tread lightly near fundamantalists of any religion.

The fundmentalists believe AIDs is a punsihment for being gay. What's the difference?

I am curious Gardenia about your feelings for the end of would you cahnge it? Do you mean the end of the Vietnam vet? Or do you mean the end with the Shreriffi and his wife?

Love the photo by the way...

Gardenia said...

Haha, I guess my craving for "justice" comes into play - I would've liked for the "hit man" to be blown to pieces or put in jail, I'm too used to movies about older or retired law enforcement people who get called back into action to capture a criminal. Of course, they always succeed, the good guy wins, so to speak, and everything is tied up in a nice packaged ending.

I think this is probably a situational happening that is actually played over and over in "real life" with variations- it certainly made an impact on me anyway.

It is frightening to me to think a drug cartel has that much power and impunity.

I don't know who played that hit man, but I still see his face in my head, which is unusual. He got under my skin.

Yes, in some other countries a person had better tread carefully -
however I found in cultures so radically different than ours, we need to do a grand amount of studying before we go there, and even then it is easy to make mistakes.

Who on earth would want to live in the Sudan anyway? Someone who had a skewed idea of danger or adventure - that place is a hell hole. I love visiting our blogger site of the peace worker in Afghanistan..........who would want to go there either? We stumble into situations sometimes because we think we can make a difference - and sometimes we can -

I almost moved to Pakistan once - that was insanity on my part - I am so glad I chickened out - the danger I would have faced makes me dizzy to think about it....

* (asterisk) said...

I'm looking forward to No Country. I like the Coens a lot, though they have gone off the boil recently. I'm hoping for a return to their old style with this.