Saturday, November 17, 2007

Thanksgiving Prelude

Good gosh - here I sit. Blogging. My house is a wreck. A cat has puked on the carpet in front of the doorway. I should iron some clothes. Thanksgiving is a few days away and no one has purchased any groceries so I won't have to do it all right before Thanksgiving. I checked my bank account and the balance is minus 0 so I must wait for the groceries, I am sort of starting to panic. The kitchen table and kitchen is still piled with mail, toys, boxes of what I don't know. Where is the energy of yore? Whose stupid idea was it to host Thanksgiving? Oh, yeh, mine. Sheepish grin.

Perhaps Tuesday I can get my daughter to take me to the store. "H" - well ya get what ya get when he goes. I was in the middle of making green chili and sent him to the store for a jar of tomatillo sauce - what he bought me home was three cans of enchilada sauce. I would have been resigned but instead got angry when he insisted I wrote down E-N-C-H-I-L-A-D-A sauce. My memory is not good, but there is a world of difference between the two sauces..........well, anyway today I'm going to do the enchiladas. And I should quit getting mad when he does these guy things.

What is it about holidays that bring out the dysfunctionalities in families? I think maybe this year I'm going to do a lot of self-speak and just treasure the fact I have a family!

Missing grandma who insisted on dinner with the whole turkey sitting on the table at 12 noon sharp! She didn't like anyone drinking alcohol at dinner either - later after all these years, I found out we have alcoholics on her side of the family - boy that was kept hush hush. Now I know why my son had such difficulties. To this day, we all dutifully pretend we are abstainers of alcohol at Thanksgiving dinner. No elegant glasses of wine. But its ok. (I can drink mine while I cook - it takes away the pain, tee hee.) Anyway, she had a great time at these dinners. And she was our dear "big" grandma. Missing my son and the special dishes he liked, and my stepdad - but I think they know I am thinking of them. We all bring ourselves to the table, all of ourselves - and I pray that instead of impatience, I bring patience. Instead of criticism, I bring praise and an eye for all the beauty they are, instead of exhaustion - energy, instead of tenseness - relaxed love.

Then I have to have a tooth extracted Monday morning so I won't be able to eat. I'm starting to get nervous just because dentists freak me out, although this guy sounds very painless and with the new topical anesthetics you can't feel the shots. It is a previously root canaled tooth that had the root crack after the canal, perhaps I should save it - could I get the $1,000 back that I payed for it on Ebay maybe? Sorry - sick joke.

A patient assaulted "J" last night at the hospital. One of the nurses might have a broken rib, "J"'s wrist is cut and others have bruises. Open heart patient, very old, but feisty. Poor thing - I wish she could get out of the hospital. It's very hard.

Well, I need to get off my butt and move it out - swing into action - get the boy away from the TV. Plan some nutritious food for him today - he's eating some abomination of processed food right now for breakfast, and just came by and hugged me wanting to know what a kid had to do to "get some ice cream around here." Need to clean up that cat puke, roll up my bed, get boy to put away toys, and clean the kitchen out, find the tablecloth from Albania - etc., etc., etc., etc.

Have a nice weekend everyone.



As I read the words 'cat puke' a strange noise emanated from the next room. I will now call Caz up to sort it. Not that I wouldn't but I'm not expert enough to remove the carpet stain in quite the same way...

Have a good weekend babe x

mister anchovy said...

nothing like a little cat puke to make your day... here at Anchovy World Headquarters, we have more than our share with the 6 regular lions and the one special guest lion who is bunking here temporarily (and bullying the others, I might add).

Milla said...

Oh no! I hate it when Pisko pukes on the rugs downstairs! And you know, he always pukes on the nice ones ah ah. He is a discerning cat.

Good luck with your visit to the dentist tomorrow.

Gardenia said...

4d- I wish I had a cat excretion/secretion remover! Lucky you!

mister anchovy - isn't it funny how cats will jockey for their positions and, like humans, some just feel they have to dominate - Ms. Meowi and Psycho take turns at being cat bullys.

milla, yeh, why don't they puke on the smooth floors where it won't stain and is easy to clean up? I don't get it.

My Reflecting Pool said...

My family doesn't wait for holidays to show its dysfunction, its nice enough to give year round.

d34dpuppy said...

must b goin a round mama cat puked on tha couch last nite nobody cnit til hrs l8r wen its dry than my da made me cleanit bcos its my falut tha ferals comein tha house now

Gardenia said...

Puppy, did you adopt the ferals - and are you taming them? I had a feral once that pooped in the coal pile - I had a coal burning furnace out at a farm in Iowa. The poor cat had only three legs. Although it would let me pet it and it would accept food, it would never let me capture it. It wouldn't come in either, except to the basement - I guess sleeping in the coal by the furnace was warm, but it had to be not too comfortable. I found out after I moved that the next renter had shot & killed the poor cat. I think people who are kind to animals, tame and wild, have a special favor with the creator.

Hattigrace said...

Yeesh, D, what a day. I sure hope you get some cooperation with the meal prep.

I been running 90 to nothing. Working tomorrow and Tues, then off the rest of the week.

Puppy comes tomorrow night. We're gonna call her Rosalini!!

tweetey30 said...

Happy Thanksgiving even though its early. We are doing on ours on Saturday because of paydays. LOL.. But at least we are doing it. Looking forward to it too.

Ya Think? said...

I am sorry you are not getting cooperation on the Thanksgiving thingie. Has it shaped up yet?

Ya Think?

My World said...

Happy Thanksgiving to you and your family..

William.... :)

Vicki said...

All of my family is going to be elsewhere, so I will sojourn to a friends house and view dysfunction from another angle!! I am to bring my own wine, hahahahaha!!
I know for sure that the Mighty Kronus was not involved in anything so untoward as puking. I think he is well above all that. This cat puking thing, yeeech! Is it in harmony with moon phases??
My last day of work is tomorrow, be off till Wednesday, yahoo! really want to go out to the ocean, but funds are thin.
The trip to Skunk Bay was nice although it poured rain the whole time and we were stuck inside. What's the girls to do but eat and drink, so we did. As soon as I figure out how to get the piccys out of the camera and onto the site I will post.
Wishing all of you good food, good friends, precious family and blessings this Thanksgiving 2007.