Sunday, November 04, 2007


What a weird weekend! My plans all went awry in the whirlwind. What I really wanted to do was take my grandson to see some flying with some friends and then to spend about four hours at the outdoor art show that I have NEVER missed until 2004 since 1990 - well, now I've missed four in a row. I guess I will live, next year will be here sooner than I think.

I did take my grandson to his school carnival after a last minute scramble and waiting too long for his dad to bring him some pirate gear (free entry for those dressed as pirates - the school's symbol is a pirate - odd) and he had a blast to say the least. It was worth seeing him so happy. I came home exhausted to the core, with an aching back, (which is why I didn't go to art fest) although his dad did find me a chair in the shade for occasional rests.

Like 4D, I got an offer Friday for my auto injuries, and I am insulted. It is ridiculous, it won't even cover all my expenses, let alone make up a little bit for all I've lost in my life's activities. I said no to the attorney, "keep working." Perhaps he'll try harder since Christmas is coming. So, that's in God's hands. My mantra for now.

I've been stuck in painting. The dumb bird - don't know how to background him - perhaps a bottle of wine is in order and another try........oh, dear, grandson needing computer for homework...I think I will go get some Greek salads while he is working....

Out of town daughter confirmed Thanksgiving here - even significant other is coming - with his specialty, asparagus casserole so I have been alternately sitting and lying down while making a menu and grocery list. Will have to fit in the men and X-men, none of which are my X-men, thank goodness.

I want a goldy-orange table cloth.


Hattigrace said...

I am sorry nothing worked for you this weekend. Especially the Art Fest. Dang, that just isn't right for you to miss it.

I hate your back is hurting. Rest, drink water and eat nothing that causes inflammation.

If you weren't flying Saturday, it would be kind of boring, so that was not a big miss! Next time, we gotta get him in the air though!

Gardenia said...

hattigrace, I will work on his mamma - I was hoping he would have more to work on her with - he seems excited about the prospect.

I spent Thurs or Fri in ER - bad chest pains - don't know if its from my back or what, but nothing denoting death - so I can handle that, LOL!

The weather was so perfect Saturday!

d34dpuppy said...

tacara u 1st

Wandering Coyote said...

Great painting - yours?

And asparagus casserole...that might be a recipe I'd be interested in.

Sorry about your settlement. Keep fighting!

Candy Minx said...

Sorry to hear about your back pain...what a nightmare.

How longdo you have to wait for next installment in settlement? I am so sorry they didn't even cover can that be possible?

Take care and I hope your feeling beter this morning.

Like Wandering Coyote..I love that image too did you make it? I love spirals...

Gardenia said...

No, grabbed the image off the web.

Candy, I have never received ANY installment, any settlement. I am holding out for future medical and at least my out of pocket expenses, although surely I should get something for loosing part of the rest of my life's activities.

I don't know what kind of attorney I have - I guess he can be fired as well! He says we can't prove I was injured when I was hit - but I would think absence of treatment of the lower back where ruptured discs are until hit from behind by truck and an MRI showing the surgery in my neck was successful until struck by truck. Also all they would have to do is inquire of my friends my activity level before the accident compared to now. For some reason he doesn't see it that way - but he never even read through all the medical reports until I went in and walked him through page by page.

I dunno, its stressful - I'm trying to take it day by day. I sure wish I could get that period of life behind me. Guess, as long as the back injury is still there, it will never be completely over.

Anyway, its just time to move on from all this. right? right! I hope to have a "clean" new year start - we've had no hurricanes, no house damages - no auto accidents hence - so I'm thinking surely...surely a streak of bad luck will not just keep on and on and on...........surely?