Wednesday, November 28, 2007

Wild Nutty Day

What a wild nutty day! I had procrastinated lots of trips, chores. So, I determined today was the day. I got up and went to the bank. Then to a mega hardware store for a blind for my study window and a tree topper but there were no tree toppers. Got lost in the carpet section wishing for a new carpet. Checked on area rugs, but none matched a purple couch. The chartreuse rug with circles that I wanted was gone.

On to the doctor's office for a flu shot. I had to wait because even though they told me to drop in, they said I came at the wrong time. Ok. Well, so far no bad effects.

Then I went to Target and bought lots of clothes (either Indonesia or China made - eat words again) for boy without spending much money - its getting chilly down here - 50 degrees in the mornings. He complained of being cold. So tonight washing new clothes because I'm afraid they might have toxic chemicals in them.

Then to Starbucks, oh, I am eating so many words - I did not want to tackle the locally owned coffee shop at the college - I wanted drive through, fast, fast.

Then to Sam's Warehouse - oh, eat words again. I bought extremely lean pepper bacon for boy's breakfast. Leaving the store, I and another woman were nearly run into by a lady driving one of those sit in carts who was determined to get out the door before the three people in line before her. Now I can't figure out why a person who can walk would want to put their butts in one of those carts to shop. I watched the ------ drive the cart up to her car, screech to a stop, jump off the cart, throw her groceries in, hop in her van and take off, leaving the cart in the parking area. She was in a handicap space to top it all off.

Then - to the lab for overdue blood tests, exchanged pleasantries - I have spent a lot of time there and seems like the employees became friends.

Then - to the co-op health food store for beans to go with the leftover ham. I am wondering if I dare mix Adzuki beans with baby Limas?

Then - stopped at a local hardware store (see I'm slowly getting to my goal - shop local businesses) - and found a bird bath to die for. That's what I want for Christmas. It wasn't much. But no one is listening. The hardware clerk, said, "Well, buy it for yourself." Hmmmmm. Good idea. Anyway, a long country type discussion ensued - he was impressed that I knew how to can. I've notice that a lot of older people are convinced that the country is going into a deep depression, forget recession! He told me how to compost and said to get a plot ready. Oh dear. I finally did get to the main goal of mailing a package (they were a UPS station as well) accomplished.

I realized how much I love not working. At Sam's most of the shoppers were retired-looking - it wasn't crowded either. Neither was Target, nor Lowe's. The Christmas music wafted across the halls in Lowe's. It felt good. In the past would I have stopped to chat at a hardware store? No. Or spent an hour looking at carpet samples that I knew I couldn't buy? No. How often did I used to find no lines at Starbucks? Never. No tense, bumper to bumper traffic this time of day.

Again, driving home, for the second time this week, I looked out at the water, the bays, the bayous, the boats docked in the glistening water. Yummy. What a treat to be alive.

The only thing that was unpleasant in the day was a woman driving behind me who kept giving me the finger because she was in a no pass zone and I would not break the speed limit so she could hurry. Determined not to let it spoil my day, I gave her a cheery wave and smile. The finger stayed up for a couple of miles until I turned off the main road. Little did she know that with Prozac, I can endure.

Enough - I have a book review to do yet, but really in the mood to go read. "H" wants to go Christmas shopping tomorrow, although we have planned to order the major part of it. The teenagers are enthralled with the thought of having their own credit cards. We will get them a pre-set limit on them and they can get what they want. Boy wants an office chair - how funny is that? We will have our traditional Christmas shopping lunch at Jerry's Cajun (which burned down last winter after Christmas but has been redone and now reopened). We will probably even actually get along. How good can life get?


Ya Think? said...

Now that was an exhausting day. I am glad the prozac is working for you. It sounds like a fun day, no matter how eventful...

Anonymous said...

it makes u sleepy after u take it? i hafta up my dose

tweetey30 said...

Very busy day. I know I would be tuckered plus dragging two childrend around with me.

Biddie said...

Wow. What a day. I hope that blood tests come back normal, or good.
I won't KFC anymore,and KC and I have stopped buying from the Gap and Old Navy (my fav, sigh...) but what is the deal with Starbucks? I was gonna send my sis a Startbucks card for Christmas.

Gardenia said...

oh biddie, I guess Starbucks have put a lot of local coffee shops out of business. I'll still go there if I'm closer to there (gas prices)than local. Modern living is getting complicated.

Milla said...

What a day you have had! I got all dizzy just by reading about it :)