Friday, January 11, 2008

The Cats Rule Here

Parchment sent to my sister:

Hail! Just to let you know Kronus is now demanding not only breakfast, lunch, and supper, but a bedtime snack. However this has precipitated a miracle, "H" is buying the cat food but do not let him know that I sneak two extra meals in. Kronus has adopted the true posture of a King, and refuses to eat in front of his subjects, the people and the other cats. However, he has now claimed the Head Serf's bathroom for an official banquet hall and beats up any furry interlopers into aforesaid territory, despite his history of being run over badly in the servant's kitchen and left to dwindle away. The bedroom serves as a moat, and Kronus has installed himself on the tower to watch - Lady Serf put a blanket there which clearly had to have been for him and has now been converted to the tower throne.

In the meantime, Sir Pssssycho, refuses to be disciplined and runs willy nilly and somehow manages to sneak into the banquet bathroom for plunderment of the garbage can that contains fumes of liver, tuna, and salmon. And other items. Miss Meowi, now under the curse of the Hag of Harmouth has lost the fur about her private parts and tail and up over the tail. She is doing penance for prior food snatching and will be taken to the Healer 17 days before the next moon phase.

The serfdom is slowly being set free from the gargoyles of pasttimes, however the knights have not been in the castle for a long time.

The Lady Serf has decided to make jewelry to fill in the hours that her secret lover, Knight Begone, has left her to. She shall sing much Plainsong in hopes the shaking of the hands will cease.

In the meantime, King Kronus has issued an edict that the hunters be sent far and wide as he anticipates snacks in between the meals by the fortnight.

By your liege,

Lady Sislebehere-Serfdumb


Vicki said...

Do you remember reading The Owl and the Pussycat to me? I still have the book!!
I can remember parts of it.

I am not sure if I could live under the rule of Catdom. On the other hand I live with a 19 year old, could it be any worse??

tweetey30 said...

That was a great post Gardenia.. Those kitties must just love you and adore you..

d34FpUpPy said...

nice cats


Here too.

Check out 'Reds' blog - Asterisks other half. A tale on there about animal devotion you'd never believe.