Saturday, January 26, 2008

Sins of the Flesh

This is it - FINALLY! Running well. Grandson runs and runs. Daughter runs. I make it to .3 miles and try again. I've spent my life on my butt in a career my mother chose for me. How weak is that! I did have some exciting positions though throughout.

Anyway a person that sits on their butt for a living should really work out a few times a week. Should. Actually my middle needs the whittle the most. The walking and elliptical, according to Doc. Lovely makes the cortisol disappear. (New theories out about that nasty cortisol, lack of sleep, stress causing weight gains on the middles.) The "Suburban Sprawl" has more than one meaning.

One thing I loved about Europe - people actually went out strolling in the evenings, lovers, families, what fun was that? When I lived in Baltimore, I walked miles per week. But ended up in Suburbia, USA.

Have deleted posts today, one after it made up to "publish" - I was full of gloom and dread last night and this morning. I'm better now. I had a very long post. A long gloomy post.

Today didn't turn out like I thought. I've been reading Stephen King's "Song of Susannah" and am falling back into the worlds he creates. Would like to read the whole series. Better add this to my reading list, huh?

Signed grandson up for baseball, last minute. Then I bought myself a set of stadium cushions on sale - quite elegant ones! We'll see. He needs some manly things to do instead of hanging around with Nanna all the time. Lots of testosterone hanging around the ball fields. Anyway the folks seemed nice and testing will be next week so they will be on a team with similar capabilities. He'll go to a camp to give him a general idea how to play. The coaches told me this is just good sportsmanship anyway. Actually I didn't tell him other grandson played and I observed parents acting like asses quite often, embarrassing their children.

I hungry. I wants chocolate candy. I wants steak, a huge baked potato slathered in butter and sour cream, greens of every kind, cornbread slathered with more butter, and pecan pie for dessert (with whipped cream), yes I do. And about half a bottle of a delicious red wine. And maybe a lots of spaghetti smothered in Feta cheese and Parmesan, with Eggplant Parmesan on the side. Mmmmmmm. I am having to stay out of the "Valentine" isles in the stores. Certain destruction lies on the chocolate covered aisles.

One bite could lead to more and more and more, to where I finally ended up homeless, lying in the gutter with chocolate smeared around my lips.

"H" bought me home lamb chops, that I have loved dearly since childhood, and I can't eat those either. Tonight he is trying to get me to eat buffalo chicken strips. Yeesh. Alright already. I have read about these things, what are they called - manage au twa, triage, know that threesome thingie - him, me, the lamb chops.....

The only times I have fallen involved popcorn. So it could have been worse. See, I have my illicit times like anyone else. I have LUSTED after those lamb chops.

Received a call from the school art teacher. They want to know if I would display some of my paintings during the art fair and also set up a demo of oil painting. I need some fresh work. Grade school - nothing big, but who knows, maybe a budding artist will get inspired and be famous some day!

Enough - tomorrow church (confession of the thing with the lamb chops will do the soul good) and then getting my planning out and painting too.


Anonymous said...

Stephen King sure does know how to walk one down a dark path eh?

I've been doing my own version of junk food avoidance. Somedays I even win. Somedays not.

Enjoy the lamb!

tshsmom said...

I have the "stress fat around the middle" problem too. :(
I was ecstatic when they discovered WHY this fat appears and WHY it is so hard to get rid of. I fear I'm doomed to live the rest of my life with skinny legs and butt...and a paunch.

Candy Minx said...

Hi Gardenia, what a post action packd. The walking is wonderful...I'm really proud of adds up. Gives you soem lungs with wind.

Cortisol is awful thing huh? Well...I know when I am craving choclate...I probably need some protein, a little tofu is a safe bet for cortisol...

Keep strong, a new way of eating can seem so yucky especially when everyone around you is eating whatever they feel like...hang in there...

Gardenia said...

tshsmom - LOL - I'm losing most in neck, boobs, and legs - funny! My pants a bit loose around waist now and baggy in butt and legs. Wonder how much it would cost for a plastic surgeon to rearrange the fat? Just joking. When are they going to develop and anti-cortisol drug?

Milla said...

I spend a lot of time on my butt at work, so I have started to walk, every morning, I walk part of the way to work, 3 miles. Not bad, for a lazy ass like me.
You are right about people walking in Europe: it's because the distances are walkable.
In some parts of the US (the Mid West of example) you can't reach anywhere unless you have a car. My cousins there never walk anywhere (but then they are also pretty skinny, the gits).

Biddie said...

I can not eat lamb chops. I envision the bleating little animal...
I have to stay away from the choclate aisles...I too would eat until I was homeless with choclate smeared on my face..LOL. That cracked me up, btw.
I'm glad that you are feeling a little better :)