Thursday, January 17, 2008

No Pain, No Gain

Haven't posted much - its been a frantic week and gone by too quickly - OR not quickly enough. Some things going on at home I just don't want to talk about on the internet leading to a couple of sleepless nights, even though I know I can't do problem solving while worrying.

The first jewelry class - arrrghhh. Don't know if I like it. It will be challenging. However my main challenge is in putting myself back together now. I went to class today, then forgot my drawing so I couldn't cut metal if I had to, so I went to the Sports Authority store. Me, the bookworm who hates sports and physical activity, sticking out like a sore thumb in a sports store. I actually bought a pair of walking shoes that are sooooo comfortable. Much less pain when I walk. I hate lace up shoes as badly as I hate exercise. But I hate pain even more. I am finding the shoes are lessening my discomfort. Will I succumb to always wearing athletic shoes and leave my Birkies behind? Dunno. Might. That's a beloved freedom of not working - don't have to dress up!

Yesterday I visited the YMCA and found it to be a really cool looking place, which I would love to hang out in. There were some fit old men in there too that weren't half bad looking. Just kidding. Maybe. I was hurting so bad, I could barely take the tour.

While at the sports store, I tried out five different eliptical machines. I liked it when I found one that didn't hurt my knees. Amazingly enough, the movement didn't hurt the back or aggravate the sciatica. The doctor was right!

I started testing machines. I started shedding clothing. I started sweating. The nice salesman stayed with me. I found a machine in a decent price range and loved it. I calculated "Y" membership fees and a 30 mile round trip everyday to get there and decided to do some wheeling and dealing and hope beyond hope my credit would pass. My income level makes most creditors laugh at me. But - it went through! I should have my machine by Monday or Tuesday next week. It will be a living room fixture. Or maybe the study. Goal: 3 miles a day eventually. It has cool gadgets - calorie counter, mileage counter, heart rate monitor - you can hold onto stationary bars or the handle bars that move. Go Granny, go!

Next, I feel horribly guilty spending much money on myself. Even the shoes.

Then, there is a phenomena that seems to happen when I try to get in shape. It is the reason I am sure that Satan really exists: Crises happen, deep crises! Discouraging crises. Or I get sick. Or let someone sabotage me. Or I can't afford the extra vitamins or supplements or whatever it takes. I am carving out a niche in the wilderness - no pain, no gain. Determined. Hit me with sticks, I am "sticking" with it. Twelve pounds off in a month now. Yay! I'm feeling more well, except for my back, than I have for some time. Hooray! Life, here I come--full steam - uh, soon.

Gotta go pick up Boy, and then get ready for evening class. Lucky for me they are interchangeable. The classes, not my grandson.


d34FpUpPy said...

lotsa crunches helps ur back out:o)


An 'eliptical' machine? WTF??? batteries included?

soz... tiddled again ;-) x

Gardenia said...

no batteries - leg powered!

tweetey30 said...

We found a gazel we want for 168 dollars. That will be our present to ourselves and Jeff wants a punching bag.

Vicki said...

As long as I have know that I know you you have seldom verrry seldom done anything just for yourself. Your physical condition speaks for itself. You always do for others first and second, I don't know what number you are in line but it must be a double digit for sure.
Do not let anyone or anything sabotage taking care of yourself. You might be surprised what the "others" can do if they are made to. Uh, well maybe you DO know..Hmmm yeah well, OK, just you focus positively on yourself and healing self. It will work on the inner self, too..if'n ya let it.
Go, elip, take the vites..K-rations, too.

tshsmom said...

That taking care of ourselves stuff is REALLY hard, isn't it? :(

Ya Think? said...

Welcome back to the world!! I am glad to see you doing things for yourself. Things for which you need not feel guilty!!