Wednesday, January 02, 2008

Over the Bayou and through the Woods to Daughter's House We go

Bays, Bayous, Estuaries, Springs - the South has water, lots of it. However the past few years, planners are gathering to devise ways to share the water with states north of us. Predictions are that even drinking water might have to be rationed. Hopefully there will be enough publicity around the meetings that the public will be able to know what is planned and the time frame surrounding the plans. If all the artic sea ice is almost melted, where did it flow to?

I'm also reading that corporations are buying water rights and water systems in the future will most likely be privatized. Which I expect means, we will be paying a bundle for one of life's very basic necessities. How long in the future? It's happening now.

We're getting ready to go to my older daughter's to deliver Christmas presents. She called early to warn me that her "other" is in a foul mood, so it will probably be a short trip. This holiday season has disappeared in a hurry.

Cleaning lady is coming, thank heaven, so I am trying to put anything that I think I might never find again if I don't put away, away! All the laundry was done yesterday with the help of "H" because this pain in leg grinds on, difficult to walk. Tomorrow will seek some relief from a doc or health provider.


tweetey30 said...

Cute house but how do you get out in an emergency??? It sucks that they are doing that with the water down there. You would think we would have enough water for everybody to have plenty.

Ya Think? said...

Have a safe trip to older daughters. Is that really her house or? You sure would have to be sure footed when getting off the boat. LOL

Well I don't worry bout water here. ummm or do I? water is less than 18 inches from me in many areas of my property I worry bout moisture.

Let me know what docs have to say


Caz has a pain as well. Sadly there's no cure for me....

Who needs water when there's vodka eh? ;-)

d34FpUpPy said...
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d34FpUpPy said...

i will move there n pull up tha stairs : )