Friday, February 15, 2008

Come Away with Me to the Rain Forest

This time of year in Wyoming is known as "cabin fever" time. Maybe its because I've been raised in Wyoming.....Cabin Fever is in my mind and blood. It's late February, its cold, and I want to sleep in a hammock on the porch in the rain forest, in the warm mist, with the monkeys playing overhead and the birds singing loud inharmonious songs. I want to hop the bus to Quepos to shop for fresh vegetables and walk the beach and pick up mangos to take back to the villa and eat with limes and salt. I want to watch the brightly colored blue and orange crabs carry about their social business. I want to be there before it becomes so "civilized" that the ecosystem there takes a plunge too. I want to get brown, dance the salsa until one in the morning and, over some delicious mango and rum drink, watch the sun rise and set.

Today, I paint the background jungle for the parrot. I have to.


tweetey30 said...

Gardenia that is a beautiful thought and start of the painting. Just wow. I know the feeling of bieng in doors being in WI and its only 5 degree's and suppose to be real cold today but better tomorrow.

Biddie said...

Oh, I feel the same way around this time of the year.
I want spring,and I want flowers, and more than anything, I want the ocean.

Candy Minx said...'s really starting to be a long wintr...usually I don't notice or give it much mind but it's so much snow and cold this year. Oh well. I would love to be beside a pool in hot weather with a pina colada...

Hattigrace said...

What is painting?!


Oh babe! I wanna go there. NOW!

Send several thousand dollars to me and I will !!!

It looks gre....'ang about...where's the bar?