Sunday, February 24, 2008

Night Pines and Endless Thoughts

Night pines, for me, are reminiscent of sleepless nights. While in the midst of one of these sleepless nights at 4:30 a.m. this morning, I decided to get up and have a Cappucino. As I limped through the kitchen, I thought, "My back hurts, maybe that's why I can't sleep." "Coffee is not too smart if one wants to go back to bed and fall asleep." I went on a search of night pine pictures - whew, that brings up some interesting results.

What do you think of as you lay sleepless in bed at night?

I thought of:

"I wonder if all the grandkids are ok, the I need to pray, what do I need to pray for them?"

"Damn cats, rumbling around so early making noise." The thought then drifted off ..."Are pets given to us to teach us kindness?" "They wake us up at night doing ridiculous animal things, they crawl on us, they make noise, and messes." "Do animals have souls?"

"My mother is so mad at her grandson because the dogs bark at him at night." (The dogs bark at everything all night and all day at her house.) "Why doesn't she make the dogs quit barking, since that is the only thing she actually could control?"

"Why is there absolutely no communication in our marriage?" "Why does who he is have to remain so tightly hidden and held away from everyone, but it is not personal, its not just me." "Isn't he lonely?" "Do I care anymore -- no, I am forced not to care."

"The lawn needs fertilized and the weeds killed, how will I get those heavy sacks into the spreader?"

"If I had a bed, I bet I would be more comfortable with my back." "Stupid, (to myself) if you hadn't bought a TV for the living room, you could have bought a bed"

"Why does the little boy prefer to slip in under the down comforter on the too thin piece of foam on the floor with Nana?" "Is it security--loneliness?" "I could redo his room for myself, but then he would move in there with me I think." "He's like glue, but that's ok." "Someday, he'll fly away like the big ones."

"Why do two of the cats poop on the floor by the litter box - is the litter too sharp on their feet -- no, they pee in the box."

"How can I get those chess pieces to look uniform and not all lopsided?"

"Will the six shrimp I ate tonight in addition to diet rations show on the scale tomorrow?"

"Did Rebecca decide to say 'yes' to the adoption of the baby?"

I envision some new clothes I wish I could buy.

"Is it too cold for grandson in here?"

"Why is my family so messy, how can I teach the little boy to put away his things when others won't?" "Why is the cleaning lady doing less and less of her job?" "I need to talk with her."

"The boy needs more fruit and vegetables."

"I need to call Susan and ask her if I can do anything for her since I was unable to access the portion of her website that would allow picture size changes."

"I need to throw away more paperwork in the study and buy a new shredder."

And more, so much more.

G'night - I've bored myself and probably you into sleepiness. Going back for another try.


Milla said...

I think you're like James Joyce, sometimes -only you're a woman and your gender changes the nature of your thoughts.
You should collect these thoughts in a notebook, list them and re-read them after a year or so.
Will they still be the same?

Gardenia said...

ha, milla, probably not - I read some of my Wyoming posts and I'm still griping, but in a different way......

tshsmom said...

I love pines in ANY light, especially when the wind is sighing through their needles.

The same kinds of thoughts ramble through my brain when I try to sleep too. The ONLY way I can fall asleep is with the TV on. I put on something mindless, like an old sitcom, fasten my brain on the TV words, and drift off to sleep.


'Is there another vodka bottle in the cupboard?' is a regular of mine.

You'd never have guessed would you? ;-)

Candy Minx said...

These are great the rolling stream of consciousness...what a good example of how our brain and mind are trying to process. This kind of floating thoughts happen to me occassionally too and I just try to let them float past with out grabbing on to not really fall into thinking just let thm sail past.

Gardenia said...

Interesting Candy! I think maybe the "grabbing on" is the worry part - maybe they are just sailboats on night water.....

Ya Think? said...

The pic of the pines was gorgeous! Normally I have no problem sleeping, but last night was one of those nights for me as well.

Mine thoughts tend to think more about creating a safer and financially secure environment for myself. How to stay ahead of old cars until I can afford a newer one... How many snowcones will I sell next week... How many flavors I should carry... Should I rid myself of one booth and save some money... Who can I get to paint my house... Should I open my heart to having a relationship... Why are people so cruel... Are there any ethics left in the world...

Great topic... Thanks for sharing it... Wish I would have thought of it first. Ö¿Ö LOL

Hattigrace said...

Actually, I found that very interesting!!