Thursday, February 07, 2008

Dream Dancing in the Sun

Well, I still don't feel like blogging, but ok, I'll tell ya why. Stress from relationship problem. I'm so tired of living with so much anger, denial, and control. Even if you refuse to participate, it wears ya out. An analogy is the atomic bomb - it blows up, but not just the impact site is damaged - the fallout goes for miles and miles.

There - its out of the closet so to speak. But................

Today the sun was out and it smelled like spring. Like the first days when you head for the beach to get tan and hunker between sand dunes because the breeze is still a bit chilly. I've lost one dress size - another couple of months and I'll be ready for that tan - for long, luscious hours in the sun and sand with ice cold grapes and ice water in the cooler. Of course, I'll have little tag-a-long fellow with me - but he makes friends with kids there and plays happily close to shore.

So anyway, life has its fun areas!!!! I love my class - spent 3 hours today riveting two pieces of metal together with an 18 gauge wire that was an eighth of an inch long. Over and over and over. About 15 rivets later, I think I sort of have it. But compulsive character that I am, I enjoyed the challenge of proving to myself I could do it. (Do not drink lots of expresso before attempting this.)

I lost the three pieces of metal that I cut and needed to rivet. Took them to Mobile when I went to see Doc Lovely Tuesday. I showed my daughter what I'd done and she was her always encouraging self. I bought them home and then lost them. They were in an envelope - I fear it may have been thrown away.

Next we make a ring.

I need to get back to painting, (yes, that is a refrain) and also to send photos of the hibiscus as requested to a prospective buyer.

Spring is here - although its chilly, its time to trim all the winter dead off, get some good top soil down and plant cool weather flowers. We've had some days in the 70's - but today it didn't get much above 61 F. Yesterday I was scared to death we were going to get tornadoes - parts of the sky were absolutely black. Fifty people were killed in States around us.

Youngest grandson has started baseball (for the first time) and I'm so proud of him, he was scared to death, but decided he wanted to do it and is giving his all. I admire him for doing new things. However I've a lot more work now getting him to practices.

The political machines drone on and on and will until after November. We have too many TV's in the house - I love it when I'm the only one here and they are all turned off - no news of this candidate and that one. I will admit it is one darn interesting political race. Mitt bowed out today. Lots of speculation on how his supporters will vote now. Mention was made of a "deal" with Huckabee - wonder what that's all about?

Mardi Gras, the big days anyway, is over and I didn't go to one parade. Didn't eat King Cake, no moon pies, didn't catch any beads nor show my boobs to a single soul.

Well, the goal tonight is to make it to all of your blogs and see what I've missed.


tweetey30 said...

We have missed you too. Take your time coming back if need some more time. Things have been up and down here really at home. I try not to talk to much about it. I have made a spectacle with myself and hubby a few days ago. Not good really.

Hattigrace said...

What are you doing to lose the weight? Just tell me which post to go to.

I am mad at my body again. This time not from too much wine, but too much good cooking and baking, well, from EATING it!!

So, I am backing way off carbs.

Good to have you back. Cyberspace ain't the same wo you!

Milla said...

Welcome back, woman!

d34FpUpPy said...


Karen said...

Glad to hear you're back! Relationship issues can take a heavy toll on you physically and mentally. I hope that things work themselves out and you feel better soon.

My World said...

I agree, relationships do drain the mind and the body... stay strong...

When you come back to my blog, look for imbibe magazine in my links... good reading.

I have some more music for you..



tshsmom said...

Email me if you need to talk about relationships. You already know my struggle.
Your nuclear bomb analogy is a good one. Fallout tends to poison everything around us for years if we don't clean it up. :(

My Reflecting Pool said...

Happy Marti Gras! It sure is one interesting race. Can't wait to see where it goes!

As for grandson doing something that scares him, give him a huge old high 5 from me. Its amazing to watch a kid suck it up, and beat that fear with all their might.

I want to be at the beach. You are a very lucky lady!

Ya Think? said...

Tiz good to see you back. I miss it when you are not here. Just something about knowing you are in blogland that is so calming and soothing.

I wish those nearest you would embrace you and give you all the love you deserve. Life is so short and we do not get forever to do just that.