Wednesday, February 20, 2008

Fishes, Soldering, Ranting, and Picture Posting

This is the member of the family no one has met yet. His name is Fishie. (Yes, we have original pet names here.) He was a tiny fish won at the fair, but is now about eight inches long including his tail. He'll splash in his aquarium to get attention or food. The cats take turns watching him. (Poor thing.) He's in an aquarium with a lid so they can't go fishing.

I had to think of something to write after the dazzling post of plant songs. Now that I've posted U Tube's videos of plants channeling their wisdom through human beings, I'll move on. (I have a weird sense of humor, I know.) Partially that was all about being fascinated with the power of music and sounds to manipulate brain waves......there is some research out there on the fact I think many people groups are aware of this - but in the west we prefer the use of medications instead. Anyway, I could go on with hypothesis, but won't.

Cold here at night, its great! The sun is warming in the daytime between tornadoes. The new batch was close enough, but not in town, thankfully.

The jewelry class is getting better - I made a copper ring last night, first attempt to solder anything, as a test project before cutting into my piece of silver for the real thing. The silver ring will have a pyrite oval stone. The pyrite looks quite elegant on the silver. I'm nervous about starting it, considering the cost of silver. I never did find my pendant pieces, they must be gone for good. Obviously severe clutter continues to be a thorn in my side here.

I keep dabbling at the parrot painting, but have lost my passion for it, thus it is hard to move along.

My computer is getting sluggish - does anyone know if the photos are removed from the computer, if old posts will be minus their photos? I've moved some photos to new file folders and lost the photos before, so I suspect that is the case. Input would be appreciated.

I have a couple of rants, but won't get deep into them - but how about the tainted meat from the California packing plant of horrors? Mostly I hear about the poor animals, and yes, definitely I agree - it was a horror - but what about the thousands of school kids who have ingested the meat in school lunches - and where are our inspectors - they say only 1% of the imported foods into the U.S. are inspected. I don't know about our own packing plants, but obviously there aren't enough inspections in these plants judging from all the recalls of meat products in the last months. I say, Mr. President, keep my tax refund and hire an inspector. Oh, excuse me - its only enough for a fourth of a year's health insurance premium? If that much?

Then a meatcutter I know tells me that some meat markets in stores pour blood in the hamburger to freshen it back to red when it starts to turn. I knew there was a reason I don't care for hamburger as a rule.

Well, have a great Weds. everyone.


tweetey30 said...

They have been keeping an eye on the schools here in WI. It was on the news the last few nights since this outbreak started really. Sad that is has happened again.

tshsmom said...

If I have to watch the video from Hallmark Packing Plant one more time, I'm gonna go out there and hit the asshole in the video with his own cattle prod! That goes double for the forklift driver!
Those cattle were obviously diseased and needed a quick shot to the head to end their misery. They definitely didn't belong in our food supply!

The pictures will stay on your blog if you take them out of your computer. I always delete the pictures after I've loaded them to my blog.

d34FpUpPy said...

store ur piccys on photobucket, thay stay there not ur puter r u can save m on aol


Jax won a goldfish at a fair once. It turned out to be related to a whale. We ended up with a tank the size of Loch Ness.

Pups right. Photobucket'll do it.

Ya Think? said...

About your photo's. Once uploaded to the server, they are on Googles server... So you can safely delete your pics if need be.

Maybe Fishie needs a bigger aquarium?

I am glad you are enjoying your jewelry class.. Sometime first impressions don't paint the whole picture.

I was pretty upset when I saw the treatment of the animals at the meat markets. Although I suspect the meat was fine. But why take chances. I hope they nail all involved in the animal cruelty. The thing is, there is zero control over imported meats. Not just on the level of dogfood either!!

That is absolutely gross about the hamburger!! Is the meat cutter you know a reliable source? ;-)

Milla said...

Will you post a picture of your copper ring? I'd love to see it!

Candy Minx said...

Yikes that is off-putting about ground beef. I like ground beef...and now that I read this...I'm glad I get a small portion of free range grass fed might cost a little bit more (not much) but the idea of blood poured in is yuck...