Thursday, March 13, 2008

I Know a Secret

Wow. I just finished ordering some stretchy yoga pants which I figured would accommodate two more size losses. Then I ordered some underwear and two tank tops because summer is very near in Florida. All from Victoria's Secret. (I hate to go out of my house to shop - and V.S. has tall sizes.) I was even feeling a bit like a sexy ol' broad for a moment there and was wondering how to hide the package when it came from "H" so as not to induce a cholesterol ridden heart attack. For either of us.

Well, hindsight is better than foresight, I started idly googling through Victoria's Secret.

I found out they are not very nice people or a very nice company.

First, encountered report after report of rudeness about larger sizes (in whose eyes?) - so why then do they make double D cups? Either they hire clerks that aren't annoyed by double D cups, or they need to quit manufacturing double D cups. (Ain't coffee, guys)

Next, many posts were about difficulties returning items, and then:

The grand mal part of the expose' came in:

1.) Bob Dylan - oh, you old fart, you sold out, allowing your image to be sold cavorting with teenagers and very young 20's girls in underwear, that's supposed to prompt the largest marketable population to purchase?????

and next,

2.) Exploitation aka Slave Labor I can't vouch for the truth in this blog where I found this information, but it raised red flags with me - big time. It is worse than the regular sweat shops.

And what is this about J.C. Penny's new "America" branding - I called them and told them I was so proud of them having an American made line available and I thought they were going to choke. They never did tell me where these items were made. Marketing poo poo.

As expensive as things are now, why can't we just pay our workers in the U.S. rather than foreign workers to manufacture our goods....yeh, yeh I've read all the books, the U.S. is in the "Information Age" not the "Manufacturing Age." I didn't know this information age was going to go up to $4.00 a gallon for gas and milk. And the poor cows do not even have a gentle set of hands tugging their poor sore udders. Come on Victoria, how about some soft, cooling, udder bras and fair working conditions for humans? We promise we will stop giving the milk cows steroids and growth hormones, etc., so their boobs won't be a distasteful size for your sales girls.

I do really like, although there I things I don't like, Obama's "college for everyone" if certain stipulations are met. I really don't want to see my kids have to move to Bangladesh for jobs. Go to school young man. Go to school young woman. Or old men and women, since the majority of our jobs are obsolete now. Its never never too late. Well, almost never.



Biddie said...

I saw some show about slave labour in India. They were making jeans and other clothing for Wal-Mart. The ladies that worked there were putting in 6 days a week and still not earning enough to buty meat for their families once a week.
It would take an extra 25 cents in the price of each pair of jeans to give the workers enough money to live on...
25 cents...I would pay a measley quarter more...Makes you think.

Ya Think? said...

I sure wish you had not shared this! LOL Amber Romance is my favorite everything and all comes from Victoria's Secret. hmmmm What SHALL I do?

Considering their product lines, I am not at all surprised at their attitudes.

How are you doing?

tweetey30 said...

I just buy a new bra once a year or so from Wal mart and dont bother with Victoria Secret. To expensive for my tastes..

But off on political you are right.

Gardenia said...

tweety - when you hit fifty, you will hock your family jewels for good support - LOL!!!!

Gardenia said...

tweety - when you hit fifty, you will hock your family jewels for good support - LOL!!!!


'Stretchy Yoga Pants'?

We need to talk ;-)

tshsmom said...

Now I'm happy that I've never bought the overpriced products that Victoria's Secret offers! ;)

Candy Minx said...

I think Victoria's Secret is overrated...

you can find black yoga pants at Old Navy for amazing prices...