Thursday, March 13, 2008

Lay Around Day

Hanging around the house today. My back had me crying last night, it hurt so bad. I'm going to call some docs today about getting some routine things taken care of and out of the way and some refills. Also lay around with an ice pack and hope for relief. Boy has a game this evening, maybe will go for a while, but sitting in bleachers may not be possible either.

Need to wash clothes and poison those weeds, but just can't bend, not today.

And the social security office - you know, that program we pay into all our working lives in the U.S. in case we become disabled and can't work ?? tells me - yes, you are disabled, but you can still work - huh? (is that what the old Indian saying of speaking with "forked tongue means?") - they think I would actually like living off their pittance? Yet, it would buy groceries. I would like that adjudicator to try to sit all day at his/her desk with a couple of busted discs in their back. Divine justice. I think about surgery -

People should be careful - my beautiful granddaughter was hounded so by the principal at her school because she was absent so much that she finally just went to another school for the year. He found out what it was like to be sick - he had a stroke. But she can now go back to her school without snide remarks. That was a side note - to the revelation that surgery does not always turn out so perfect and also people should not make judgments until they walk a mile in the mocassins. What a mean man.

She'll be 14 in April. She has two steel rods up her back because of scoliosis, and another condition, pectus excavatum (something with her chest) causing large problems now. The surgeon said the scoliosis surgery would be a breeze - but she has suffered constantly since the surgery. She had to give up her dance and lost her heart to paint. Constant pain is a thief. She writes woeful poetry and still plays the flute, but that is getting harder because of lack of air to her lungs. She is one of those people that has so much talent poured into them.

Thinking a lot about art. Like getting busy with it. Wonder if that's possible. I love working with clay (photo above of a flower I did) but it takes a lot of bending. The metal smithing keeps one bent over a bench. Painting, drawing - yes, can do, can get up and wonder about and then go back for another dab here and there. One of my favorite artists is Frida Kahlo - the brave woman was so consumed with painting that she did it from her bed. She was physically damaged in a bus accident. You don't see this spinal picture in many doc's offices!

Wish it were just a little warmer - I would get a blanket, go down to the beach and hunker down and let the warm sun beat on my back and body. (LOL, between icing it.) I just got an offer on line for 3 nights and 4 days of free lodging at a resort in Cancun...looked up airline prices - its do-able because it isn't too far from here really - takes much, much less time to get there than to Wyoming. I'm too practical though I think to do it. Still daydreaming aren't I?


tweetey30 said...

I have back problems too and wish I didnt really. I have had scoliosis since I was 15 and its not a fun thing to live with. Good wishes going out to you and your lovely granddaughter. What did she think of her scarf and hat? Just wondering. I know you said you had to wait to give it to her but just wondering if she recieved it yet.

Ya Think? said...

Gosh.. I wish I could do something for your pain.. Anything... Would an adjustable table help you? Or do you still have to bend to see detail?

I love the pottery flower! It is awesome!! You know I do not have any of your work in my home.. If I have a good summer I will have to work on that.

I love you!

d34FpUpPy said...

sory ur back is achy

Gardenia said...

She loved it Tweety - she looked adorable in it too - it was perfect for a young teen.

ya think - maybe someday I will give away one of the pieces - this one is my prize, M has her eye on it when I die, LOL. Some others are in Wyoming - I need to somehow get them tenderly home - I thought I had put them in the car...but no. I bought a bunch of clothes I am now sending to Goodwill because they are too big. But...good riddance. I don't know either if I will ever be doing pottery again - certainly not the wheel - I love the hand built stuff as much though.

Milla said...

You know how much I love and adore Frida Kahlo, she is my hero!
The Foxy Lady (my mum) has always had terrible back pain. At some point she had to have an injection of epidural a day just to be able to lift herself out of bed.
You know what did a lot of good to her? She stayed every day with her back to the sun whenever possible, and she went for walks every day -the walks had to be short at the beginning but now she can walk even for 30 mins without being in pain for two days.
Also, she started eating oily fish -but I don't know if that has helped her or not.

I have to tell you that the flower is BEAUTIFUL! You have so many different talents!

Gardenia said...

Thanks Milla!

I do put in time on the elliptical each week - it mimics walking but without the impact. The icing I did yesterday on and off all day really helped. And I'm losing extra weight as fast as I can. Maybe this will all help, if I'm patient.

Gardenia said...

Tweety - scoliosis is very painful - my younger daughter has it as well, not nearly as bad as the granddaughter had it, but she finds massage and osteopathy helpful.