Tuesday, March 04, 2008

Super Day..........

Had a wonderful day today. Took time for myself - went to see Doc Lovely in Mobile and came back through the back country roads - stopped at the outdoor veggie market - drove by strawberry fields and cotton fields. Cotton fields are awesome to see. I was sorry I didn't take my camera so I could share the sight. I got lost even though I've traveled that road hundreds of times. But it was a delightful "lost." Beautiful countryside - and so many spring flowers.

The meeting at Doc Lovely's was great, it is nice to have support in health improvement endeavors - sort of like art classes - there is a generating of focused corporate energy that makes things happen. At least I get off the "army rations" and can start to eat some manner of "real" food. I was discouraged going over because older daughter was too tied up to see me so I didn't get to see her or the grandkids this trip. Discouragment decided to eat at the Cuisine of India buffet. I worked myself up into a real desire for green, red, and yellow curry - and when I arrived at the restaurant the sign said "Open" but the doors where locked. Saved! I drank my unsweet tea and ate my army ration on the way home.

I read Doc Lovely's Libido and Sex Transmutation book for men as well today (haha, couldn't put it down) and was that an eye opener!!!!!! I am understanding some dynamics that have heretofore been unknown to me as men do hold their secrets. Things every woman should know about men - and things men should know about men (and women) too! His research is pretty amazing and I believe holds a key to a fulfilling life years past what we ever thought possible.

And speaking of.....next to me in jewelry class is a cute little woman. Tonight she told me she was 75 - I about fell over in unbelief. Then another older guy there laughed and said, yeh, this class is the cheapest Senior Day Care in the State. (Foks over 60 get free tuition to college - at least in this county.)

Class tonight was not on the agenda because my back has been so painful since my trimming binge in the backyard I can hardly move or walk, I'm glad I went...we laughed a lot. I gave in and fished some old pain pills out of my purse and halved them. They killed the nerve pain for an hour each time I took one half, but the spasms are so painful they didn't leave. I did make it through class.

I burned my hand with the torch again - it is beginning to look like barbecued hand. BUT the the solders went perfectly! I discovered silver melts whereas copper, brass, and nickel will take a higher heat. Finishing the ring without melting it will be a delicate balance. So far I have an unfinished pendant, an unfinished copper ring, and an unfinished silver ring.

The guy next to me was working with silver that he made from old coins. He has a coin shop at a nearby flea market. He's interested in making Native American jewelry - I love the turquoise and silver too but would never aspire to the craftsmanship I have seen in squash blossom necklaces and other beautiful native jewelry. I mentioned to him I always wanted some Buffalo Head nickels - and did he have any. Yes, he does and he said he would just give me some. Yay! I will make them into some jewelry.

Enough - more tomorrow - maybe pics of the rings.


Ya Think? said...

It sounds like the class has been a great outlet for you. There is healing in laughter, you know. Just keep at your projects.. They will come together.

I am glad Dr Lovely has turned out to be a good thing for you.

tweetey30 said...

I was just about say the same thing about it being good for you. It sounds like your spirits have lifted quite abit since taking the class. Also glad to hear the Dr says you are good to go.


You are one talented lady!

I once made an ashtray at school. It started out as a vase, became a fruit bowl and ended up an ashtray.

I can't say my doc's lovely or he'd think I'd turned queer - he is though.

* (asterisk) said...

Ouch, careful with that hand. Sounds like it's sore!

Cotton fields look great, huh?

Gardenia said...

4D - that's the artistic process - you'd be surprised how many squished pots off the potter's wheel make it to the art market - just more interesting! How you feeling?

*, hand is healing well I think - its all the supplements I am on maybe - - if I don't have another accident today - I WILL learn to use that thing w/o burns!

Milla said...

With all my travels in the US, I have never seen a cotton field close, so thank you for the picture!
The jewllery looks amazing, what can I say; the class is obviosuly full of talented people. Watch out for the burns though, it sounds liek your hand is pretty sore.

Please please post more pictures with your jewllery work! I love them! I always have the image of your pendant in mind, you know.

tshsmom said...

I'm not much for diamonds, but I LOVE turquoise and Black Hills gold jewelry!

Hattigrace said...

Very interesting, that class! Love turq n silver. Would like to be more social w u. U hv time?

Gardenia said...

hattigrace, yes, I'll make time.....you still have my phone # or should I give you a buzz

Candy Minx said...

Incredible...now about threlationship book...why don't guys take a few minutes and read those books huh? Most self help books are sold to women...men tend to buy self help books about business.

How about the business of love fellows ha ha!

Wandering Coyote said...

Beautiful jewelry!! And I love the picture of the cotton field. I've never actually seen a cotton field before (why would I, living up here, I guess).