Friday, March 28, 2008

Trapping Aliens

Having awakened two nights in a row to sounds of breaking glass, splashing noises, and a mess to clean up, I came up with a brilliant idea to catch the midnight counter top marauders.

We heard little smacking sounds as they landed on the tape, then "thump," when they jumped quickly off! Within two nights they decided they don't like walking on places that are sticky. We can now place a vase of flowers on the counter top without having to clean broken glass mixed with water and flowers. They won't even brave the tape for their usual food raids........They wouldn't stay long enough for me to get photos of their gleaming little cat eyes in the dark. They know enough not to jump on top of the stove - so I think they will remember the icky tape and desist.

Jocelyn's date showed up one night and asked why we had upside down tape all over our counter tops. With a serious look on my face, I told him we were catching aliens. It was so much fun to observe his face.

What a week! Tuesday I prepped for happy sleep tests as the docs want assurance of no internal bleeding. I was pretty much out of commission for at least 24-36 hours. I don't know what kind of drugs these guys use, but I was begging for the anesthesiologist to come by my house at 10:00 p.m. nightly with his needle and bottles. However I was informed he had been propositioned by many so I would have to get in line. Actually I've been pretty tired since then, so I wouldn't want his cocktail EVERY night. Everything was fine - I knew it was, so back to the blood doctor to figure out why I seem to be short of the stuff, though the tests were better for a while, but most recent one somewhat depleted. How could that be so fast?

Then - we found little Miller-like bugs in the pantry. That wasn't the worst of it, upon investigation, we found them in every step of bug development. has taken three of us since Tuesday evening to unload everything, inspect it, wash it or throw it away, wash inside of pantry, and then put everything back - well, I still have two large boxes to inspect, sort, and put away. I was so tired by this afternoon that I started watching "Dead Man Walking" with Sean Penn and fell asleep during part of it sitting up. I will never make remarks about old people sleeping while they sit up again.

On my list of to-do's are "the oranges." They have dark spots on the skin. I need to take them to the nursery and see if they are edible. I already cut a few and they are delicious, but don't want to feed my family some exotic fungus, if that is the cause of the spots.

Oh well, the price of living in paradise.

We all have colds or allergies, even the wicked cat, Psycho. He is sneezing, eyes watering and sleeping next to us at every opportunity, rather than terrorizing the neighborhood rats. Ms. Meowi and Big Meowi were clobbering each other today. Better be no abscesses or I will get them jobs to pay vet bills.

I've had taxes done for quite a while, but "H" doesn't trust me and wants someone from H & R Block to review them - and I'm freaking because the deadline is getting really close and the folder is still laying on my desk. TaxAct software is a breeze - even handled my quirky transactions last year brilliantly.

Day 12 of Negative Thought fasting - I have to get back into the right frame of mind. I'll hop on over to everyone's blogs after I get the boy to bed and try not to be negative. :)


Wandering Coyote said...

I'll have to send this post to my friend who often has a serious mouse problem. What a unique way of dealing with this!

I had a moth infestation in my pantry one time. It was absolutely DISGUSTING. I had to chuck out pretty much everything that was in there apart from canned stuff. It was just awful.

Gardenia said...

WC, it is disgusting - who would ever think moths were so filthy?

tshsmom said...

My MIL brought a wormy box of macaroni to our house that infested all my boxed foods. The only way I got rid of the problem was by putting everything in plastic containers. I'm certain that Rubbermaid stock rose as a result of my disaster.

What an ingenious solution to cats on the counter! I have a friend who can't keep their cats away from the plant on her table. I'll have to tell her about this. ;)

Biddie said...

What are Miller bugs? My x's gramma brought us some old noodles, wrapped up with an elastic, and it infested everthing we had. It was AWFUL. No wonder you feel asleep! That is a mighty big job.
Thank goodness everything was fine with the bloodwork. Some nights, I wish that I had one of those cocktails.........

Hattigrace said...

Hey my friend. I have not been in blogland much. Mostly in MySpace instead.

Just rearranged my dining room/keeping room a little more. I had Paul Potts lifting the roof of the house while I happily putzed around lighting candles, etc!

I wanna do something with you!! This next Sat is big wedding,I am doing hair and attending. Mondays are good. Come over here?

Love you lots!

tweetey30 said...

What a week for you. Glad you got through it safely. colds are nasty this time of year. Hope you all feel better soon even the kitty tats....

Candy Minx said...

What a drag...pests!

Milla said...

Oh pests...we have teenagers in my area! The WORST pests of all they are, 'cos if you squish one, you'll risk prison! ah ah

So far, we only ever found a tiny field-mouse in our kitchen, about 4years ago, and that was it. However, we always have problems with the green bugs that live on rose bushes in our garden, and slugs: slugs eat EVERYTHING.

Milla said...

Oh I forgot to tell you: your house looks very beautiful!

Gardenia said...

Oh, I remember slugs from when I lived in Iowa - nasty, nasty. But they did tend to stay outside. One way to keep mice out is to stuff all the holes under the sink from the plumbing with steel wool.