Sunday, March 09, 2008

Take Me Out to the Ballgame.........

The "Braves" won - 9 to 1! I'm not a sports fan at all - but give me a live baseball game (not on TV) and something goes off in me. Add a hotdog and all is well in the world. And a beer if the temperature is on HOT.

Doesn't grandson look like a real pro? This has been so good for him - his coaches are stellar and the kids on the team are great. They all cheer each other on and get along really well. So far so good! He was one of two boys in Montessori, so this last year has been great he-man stuff for him. He has a wonderful guy teacher too, the best.

Three blankets, a winter coat, a babushka head scarf, and two cameras - we survived the wind and chill. I put two T-shirts and three shirts on the boy - its a wonder he could bat.

Then, one of his classmates had a birthday party at "Fun City" - oh no, more cold! So off we went for three more hours. I still haven't been able to get warm. He had a time riding all the rides and wanted me take take him to the Monster Truck Show as a finale. I had to tell him that I didn't think I could climb the stairs to the stadium, let alone spend four more hours sitting on cold steel in the cold evening temps.

After I got him settled, I crawled into daughter's bed (she was at work) under her winter weight down blanket and watched "Awake." It was a good movie with a plot that hadn't been beat to death. We slept in this morning and I've been cleaning what I can, changing light bulbs, oiling door hinges, and other maintenance things that have been let go for a long time. I need to get to the ceilings somehow - XSL and "H" dismantled all the smoke alarms while I was gone. I'm not comfortable with that, but climbing to cathedral ceilings on a ladder with balance problems isn't getting me all that excited about that project quite yet. The boy was catching up on homework, the cats curled up in whatever pile of down they could weasel their bodies into.

I missed Downtown Gallery Night, but there will be more this year and Hattigrace told me the best place to go look so I can still see the best of the best.

So it was a great weekend and went by much too fast. Hope ya'll had a good one too.


Milla said...

"Three blankets, a winter coat, a babushka head scarf"

Brrrrrrr I got the chills just by reading that!
I am very happy that you had such a good week-end; my week-ends are always so busy that sometimes I really need to go back to work on Monday to rest a little! Not that I am doing anything glam Sat and Sun generally, mind you, but with seeing people, cooking, the garden and all that...

Babushka means 'grandma' in Russian doesn't it, and now I'm curious to see what your babushka headscarf looks like; is it a kind of small shall?

Gardenia said...

I will take a photo of the head scarf - it was given to me by some friends who visited Russia (something I always wanted to do.)