Monday, March 31, 2008

What's Happening Here....

The kitty is our Psycho cat when he was an adolescent. His cold continues and one other cat has it mildly. The vet said to watch them, but mostly it was like a human cold but not interspecies transmittable. Isn't he cute - just makes you want to kiss his little cat lips (until you remember where they've been).

Sunday I sat on my haunches and dug weeds and planted some vegetables in the flower garden and some herbs, fertilized, babied existing plants, and watered. I managed to get up but could not lift my feet, so I shuffled in, and spent the next 18 hours in bed, afraid that it might be permanent. Turning over was excruciating. This morning I am up and better. Well, I can't totally walk upright, but I can walk without pain. It was so much fun being in the warm sun and earth, I couldn't be moderate.

All the sorting and getting "rid of" that I've been doing for a year is starting to show - today I walked in the house and there was a quiet, sort of serene atmosphere and I almost cried I was so thankful. That lasted two hours, the kitchen table is covered again - ahhhhhhhhhh. The pantry is back intact after the bug wars, with snacks in clear plastic containers (thanks, W.C.).

Have hit the 35 pounds mark in pounds lost - the scale didn't move, and didn't move, and didn't move - then two mornings ago, wow! I was happy. Am happy. Except I'm finding a bit of baggage I don't remember having when I was younger and my clothes are fitting even worse - but not complaining, not complaining.

Daughter just called this a.m. and the medical trip is off, instead I think I will drive to Doc Lovely's and spend a lot of time in prayer for her and her family. Supernatural help is needed when raising teenagers - true! She says a storm is coming this way from Birmingham - we'll see - I feel adventurous! I'll pick up fresh strawberries from the farm.

Forty days of negative thought fasting continues - the dailies are coming so fast, they are hard to keep up with, let alone blog them. I may give a summary a bit down the road. Spring break here and no classes - so I feel free as a bird for a few days.


tweetey30 said...

Awsome kitty tat. He has that mischeiveous look to him though... Even as a adolescent.. LOL.. Oh if you havent checked lately I have just finished another project. Its up and waiting to be bought by someone... I think I did an awsome job on it..

Candy Minx said...

The kitten look so cute and gorgeous markings in that fauna patterned bag...the cat almost seems camo coloured!

I hope your road trip goes wel...will miss you (I'm on the road too right now...well running all over the place...still blogging here and there though)

Fantastic about the continued new weight loss. The same thing happens to me...I can carry a lot of weight fact, sometimes thats how I gain because I don't realize I'm getting bigger...urp.

Also well done on your negativity journallying and will check back to read your notes...

Red said...

That kitten is so gorgeous!

Grim alert: I do let my cat kiss me on the lips when he feels that way inclined (usually in the morning, when I'm still in bed). I figure if he can get past my morning breath, it's the least I can do!

Cherie said...

I tend to do the same thing when gardening. Overdo. But like you it just feels so good to be out in the sun beautifying things.

Thank goodness most of the time bodies heal themselves - eventually.


Be a free bird!!!!

By the way your daughter is georrrrrgeous!

(so's the cat)

tshsmom said...

It's so easy to get carried away while working in the yard! I always want to finish what I'm doing and my body pays the price. :( I should learn to set a timer when I'm working out there.

Milla said...

Hey Free Bird,
how was the storm?

That cat is one gorgeous creature!
Mine went AWOL for 4 days, came back last night, all affectionate and very hungry -I bet he became locked in some shed he went to explore!

Gardenia said...

The storm - scary. I had to pull off the interstate, couldn't see to drive. Which led me to the farmers market, watermelon and cantelope! It's gone now, but at 9 a.m. is gloomy outside - so I expect more rain.