Saturday, July 05, 2008

The Aftermath

Grandson woke up early all excited about picking up the litter from the fireworks. ???? Well, he's a boy - boys, as a rule, are really into blowing things up. Fireworks is as close as they get until military duty (even then, statistics show over 115 soldiers in Iraq have committed suicide when confronted with the real thing, the heat and the horror of war.) But boys have played at war for centuries I would bet. Our generation had "cap guns" and produced very few serial killers, we played "Cowboys and Indians." Fireworks!

He and the neighbor kids have picked up the fireworks litter, I swept it off the walks and we're fairly tidy again. Even our social Ms. Meowi even went outside to the porch with us to watch the action. Considering that it is against city ordinances to explode fireworks in the city and county, we had quite a show in the neighborhood. It ended by midnight, nothing burned down, no injuries, no cars damaged that I know of, (except for older grandson's and my accident with my car door scrapping his mom's - I am going to have to do an emergency buff job before she picks her car up) - everything's cool.

I know I said in a comment, I hated fireworks. I do. But if ya got kids around - well, that would be like hating Christmas!

The big kids went home for the 4th, their dad came and got them. I enjoyed them so much. Ha, ex-SIL looked me up and down and said, "Wow, you lost the weight, you look gooooooood!" Yay, its starting to really show.

Made a huge potato salad and a chocolate cake frosted with orange flavored frosting, something I've done every 4th, except when in Wyoming since the 70's. Psycho then ate the top of half the cake out while we were at the beach. The cat is nuts about muffins, cake, any type of baked goods.

After lunch we went to the beach to meet future SIL's kids, grandkids, who left when we got there (coincidence???) after teasing Grandpa about not making it home for curfew. I still don't feel real good about this wedding. Because of age difference, because of his way of "handling" children, and some control issues I see. So far I have been right concerning all SIL's.

So that was the Fourth - now entering into the weekend - probably beach for me and boy, shaved ices, lazy days.

I take off for Wyoming on the 8th. Not enough clothes to have to worry about sorting to pack, they are pretty much ready to go. Getting on the plane and having tickets, airlines coordinated and making it to the next plane, and staying on track with eating, is what is concerning me. That and my mother's plans for me to work in her garage in 95 degree heat when I get there. I am used to air conditioning and she won't use it in the house because she's afraid her short haired dogs will "get cold." (Didn't used to need A/C in Wyoming - but climate has changed.)

Why is it, no matter, how old one is, visiting parents often ends up being stressful? Do I make my kids feel that way? Many times I go the opposite way and don't allow them to fulfill a responsibility. "Be there for major surgery?" "Heck no, you got those cruise tickets, just run along and give me no mind."

No wonder society tries to herd us off to nursing homes, LOL!

Wyoming friends are calling wanting me to stay with them while there - it will be hard to get around to everyone. If it weren't for the little boy, there is nothing tying me down - I could have stayed a month. Maybe next year if my back is good, I'll hop in the car and do that - take a road trip and stay where I may.

I have booked an appointment with a neurosurgeon here. Yike.


punxxi said...

here is a word to learn"no"it's hard at first but then it gets easier. Sounds like you had a good 4th.

Candy Minx said...

Sounds like a wonderful dinner you made. Yum chocolate cake!

I hope you have a great trip to Wyoming. I suspect you will have many mixed seeing the palce. seeing yuour mum. And remembering all the stuff that went on politically.

I think this trip you will have new eyes and a fresh look. I think you will return to Florida empowered!

(see ya soon)

tshsmom said...

There's a lot to be said about Mother's Intuition. I had a lot of misgivings about SME's 1st husband too. It turned out that I was right, and then some. :(

Wandering Coyote said...

Hope you have a great trip and your travels are smooth.

Some twirp at our campground lit fireworks (against the rules) on Sunday night and scared the crap out of me!