Monday, July 14, 2008

Status Report

It is incredibly hot here - no A/C. I have escaped to Starbucks once and went to store to get me a couple more pairs of summer bottoms - I have shrunk another size. Tomorrow my sister is coming to get me and we'll go out of town for a day, hopefully it will be restful. There is still business to take care of from home while out here as well.

My back is screaming at me today, "enough, already."

We took a truck load of "stuff" I don't want to send home to Poverty Resistance, and I do have some of my son's boxes remaining which I will have to ship another time because it is so costly....I will not be able to unpack anything when 15 boxes arrive at the house because daughter is packing up to move to her new home when its time and there is such an ongoing mess there at home.

Made it out to the cemetery with an armload of red gladiolas.

I'm in bad trouble with the older daughter as she found out her son and I scratched her vehicle accidentaly. Because I didn't tell her. I guess I should have called her immediately and informed her that she had a smudged place on the paint on her car. Oi. At least there is no scratch - just some smudged paint. That shouldn't break my bank to have fixed for her. Wellllll....maybe it will. There is just so much going on, my mind categorized it in the "to deal with file when returned home."

Now, I have to sit down with my mother and get her affairs in a notebook as she has decided best not to leave it all as a surprise. She still says I have "stuff scattered all over her house," but I don't see it, and I'm too tired to care much right now. And if someone says, when I get back, "How was your vacation?" I will most likely have to walk away because of what I might say.

I still have to take photos of some things that need to be posted on Ebay for sale.

I long to be home. I miss my family, I miss my cats. My routine. I wish my mother would move closer. I think.

I think a huge Tex-Mex dinner and two margueritias would make me feel immensely better (or worse, LOL!). But I won't, I will doggedly continue on to my goal, THEN, ....then!!!! But only once. Wyoming does have a corner on tremendous Mexican food however.

Isn't it awful to look forward to a five hour layover in Denver, just for the rest?

Anxious to catch up with ya'll.

How about this news? Banks failing. A government that is trillions of dollars in debt bailing them out? This state is now cutting Medicaid, and many clinics and doctors are loudly announcing they aren't taking either that or Medicare, including Blue/Cross Blue Shield insurance. What will they do - just let people die? Folks, I haven't seen anything like this in my lifetime. My mother says she has - the beginning of the Great Depression - I rarely watch the news at home - here it plays 24/7 - well, at least Angelina and Brad had their babies and they are healthy - ok, I admit it, I am a bit star struck over that dazzling couple.

So.....leaving this pitiful dialup computer and rejoining my mother and the dogs.



Cherie said...

Wow! Lots going on in your world these days, Gardenia. Congrats on the dropping of another size. I think I found it!

I know what you mean when you say you wish your mom lived closer - you think. It's hard. How I know. How I know.

I look forward to hearing more from you when you return. Hope Denver gives you a good rest! ;)

The Manic Street Preacher said...

soz I missed yer IM. I was off getting Jax from school.

Slow down babe!! you're knackering me out just reading this!!! ;-)

tweetey30 said...

Miss you but you will be home soon enough. Things are going good here. Esp since my first night went fairly well. I have a post on it when you get a minute or when you come home from your trip. Take it easy and try not to strangle anyone while out there.

punxxi said...
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punxxi said...

You must practice saying NO! somemore, now go take a nap. Are you a pack-rat by any chance? If you have stuff stored all over the place you might have a little problem getting rid of stuff you never use, we have a friend like that he moved 4 years ago and still has a garage( 4 car mind you) that is full of unpacked boxes, most of which were unpacked at his last place.If itr was my suff that I obviously didn't need I'd call up Salvation Army of Goodwill and tell 'Bring the BIG truck.

tshsmom said...

My folks keep accusing me of having stuff at their house too. When I ask them what I have there, they never have an answer.

Take it easy on your poor body!

Hattigrace said...

I miss you so much!! Sold my first piece of art. Very concerned about this bank thing. I think your mother is right. Can't wait til you are home. We gotta keep the faith music on and worship our Lord and Provider. He will see us through and all those who turn to Him. He is merciful and awesome. I love you and please take care of YOU.