Tuesday, July 29, 2008

There will be - - - Movies

Nice thing about being "senior" - cheap movie tickets.

Let's see, what have I seen lately? The latest Batman movie, The Dark Knight - Ledger was awesome, scary. I have to admit I was sleeping through a lot of it - now, that's tired!

Next, Journey to the Center of the Earth - Exciting and fun, what I saw of it. Slept through lots of it too.

Stayed awake through: Wanted with Angelina Jolie. What can I say? Looking at her is worth it, other than that, blood and brains - but maybe a good escapist action film....she's so funny sometimes in her choice of films.

TWICE - I saw Mama Mia - this film delighted me from the tips of my toes to the top of my head - partially because the cast acted like they were having the time of their lives. Also I love that people past 35 having sex lives and being energetic and fun was actually portrayed in a film coming out of Hollywood. Aww, suck it up, you'll all pass 35 sooner or later, my dears. Be happy to know its not over. Seriously, this was such a fun film - a must see. "H" even smiled his way through it...at first he thought it was a pure girly film then began to have a great time!

This afternoon I watched There will be Blood in between two two phone calls from my daughter. (She had been to New Orleans and shot a photo of some spirits or something - yes, I'll post it later.) Anyway, watching how getting oil was done in the "early" days was interesting. I think what it does to people's lives is probably pretty much the same today...greed will eat a person up sooner or later. What getting oil does to people's lives - we now see on a global scale.

Amazing what can be accomplished when the kids leave home, ha ha!


Wandering Coyote said...

I loved the new Batman, except it was a tad too long.

I'm skeptical that there's sex after 32, so thanks for giving me a glimmer of hope in your write-up of Mamma Mia.

I really enjoyed There Will Be Blood, but I do know a lot of people didn't like it.

I can't believe the disparity in price over movie tickets between here in the boonies and the big city. I used to pay $13 - 3 years ago; we rarely went to the movies because it just wasn't worth it When I went to see the Dark Knight here at the local theatre, it was $7. But, we don't get a lot of selection.

punxxi said...

I watch movies for free on my computer, that is about all most of them are worth, so I don't feel bad if I fast foreward them to see if they get better as the go, that is what i did with the new Indiana Jones movie, the 1st 20 minutes was kind of slow, the rest was good.

tweetey30 said...

I want to see the new batman movie too now. And Jeff wants to see Mama Mia. I will have to tell him I got two great reviews on these two and put them on our must see list.

Gardenia said...

I did like "There will be Blood" - it was very well done - but a bit depressing - however the whole thing with the West and the oil booms is depressing in many ways - money is there but it has a higher price than money...$13? Ouch!!!! We didn't get much selection in little Wyo town either - I remember the summer I went to movies to stay cool on the weekends! I am on a computer with no sound - poor thing is on its last leg....

Gardenia said...

LOL, WC - hey honey - 32 was a virtual goldmine of sex I thought - believe me, it gets sparser and sparser - times have changed, I'm beginning to think - speaking of movies - that we watch more of it than participate in real time....suppose?

Also have noticed most men no matter what their age want a 22 year old Barbie look alike - go figure. They figure something will come to life - boy will they be surprised.

I have had a few heads turn lately (for an old lady) - one real cutie with a darling behind in Walmart yesterday, he even drummed up a conversation, but I didn't know what to say, duh - then he split when "H" came around the corner - darn!

Red said...

I would like to see Mamma Mia, but I think it will be difficult to shift Asterisk. We saw a trailer for it last night, and it made me laugh out loud (and last night I really needed a laugh!), but when I turned towards him, he was cowering in his seat, embarrassed by the whole thing!

We saw a film called California Dreamin' last night, which was fascinating, funny and sad all rolled into one.