Tuesday, July 29, 2008

Shifting Sands and Clanging Change

Too much change, too fast! The above is "H's" new vehicle - I may have mentioned the engine went on his '94 Toyota small pickup. Upon the advice of our trusty mechanic, he said goodbye to it and traded it in - I think the salesmen were snickering when they saw their "trade-in." He even had the headlight stabilzed with duct tape - yeh, really! I like the car - it is much like my old PT Cruiser - small, yet roomy for tall folks, zippy, fun, and best of all, you can still haul stuff.

Next change - his new job prospect looks pretty good - transition perhaps in August. Our prescription insurance ends this month - I have to order a few prescriptions ahead - the pharmacy keeps goofing on this, so I will have to take care of it later today.

The wedding still on - I have a breather for a few days as they took the boy and went on vacation - its nice having a quiet morning, time for blogging, and leisurly coffee and more coffee. I'm supposed to be making lots of bows for decoration while they are gone - but I feel like painting, so I will. Maybe a few bows. :)

I bought into a wellness business that I can work as much or as little as I want. I need extra $ and this is something I am passionate about. Hope I am not crazy, I probably could have put some much needed new flooring material in for what that cost me. But this business will help others live a better life....(when I get all set up and a website done, I'll post what it is!) Hopefully when fall comes there is another venture a friend and I have been considering....

I scheduled back surgery for August 27th. I may chicken out yet, I don't know. Since the injections I have so much less pain, but I know they don't last forever, yet I know ANY surgery is a risk....so I am of two minds. I did find someone who does "non-invasive" surgery, who pioneered the wire cage technique, and who teaches it. So that should be some good kind of credentials. He would do it at a quiet hospital in the next county which pleases me....and best of all, I would be down for about two weeks compared to months with the open surgery proposed previously. Probably five days in the hospital because even though its non-invasive, its extensive, and they freak out a little about surgery on people who have had pulmonary embolisms. He did say I would never be totally without pain, but if I don't get the pressure of the nerves, I will eventually not be able to walk because it is already affecting my right foot, thus the fall in the airport. (Soooooooo embarrassing.) He watched me walk and said the right foot is definitely dragging. This is I know, as I have been being very careful about not falling.

The main thing is I can take care of myself after surgery and not have to worry anyone else during their major transitions.

Big Meowie is still gone - I gave up hope for a couple of days, but have renewed the searching and I won't stop. He may pop up again. Especially now that the house is quiet. I will not get another - although to me, these little companions God gave us humans that are so easily domesticated seem to make a house a home. There are still two left - although they are the champion odd balls of the catworld. Ms. Meowie eventually came home....I need to find a place where I can find etched tags for their collars. I miss their little cat fights - the two that knew they were mine, or vice versa, were always swatting at each other, one trying to keep the other away from me. Psycho definitely knows he's the boy's so the only one he loves on is the boy and his mom, although I'm the one that let the little brat nurse the skin on my arm when he was pitched out of mamma's warm nest at 4 weeks old and fed him with a kitten bottle.

Something odd in me that wants to gather animals about me....thier silent (sometimes) companionship comforts me, entertains me, and blesses me - but I'm one of those nature lover/tree hugger people types who sees a magnificent gift when I spot a dolphin at play in the Gulf or one of the bays - doesn't take much to please me. There is something noble in an animal - animals are so much less complicated than humans....

Let's see - what else? I'm now reading "Infinite Love and Gratitude." About the mind/body/beliefs health connections. I need to get over to our book review blog and post about two others I've read. Airplane trips are the best way for me to read non-stop!

Such a beautiful, magnificent sunny day today - I am soooooooo excited - wish the days were twice as long . . . . but they aren't. For good reason I'm sure.

Well, now to get over and visit you all - speaking of visits - I had hope Candy Minx and Stagg would be popping in - it didn't work out, maybe later this year, but I was so looking forward to seeing them - soon!

Take care all....!


tweetey30 said...

I hope your kitty comes home soon. Its sad when you lose one like this. Sounds like you have a lot on your plate. I would prefer the inavasive surgery compared to open also.

punxxi said...

I used to have a male cat that would leave for 2 or 3 weeks at a time, but he alwasy turned up again. Enjoy your peace and quiet and I wish yyou the very best of luck on your upcomming surgery.

Hattigrace said...

Is Dr. Gio doing your surgery? And H has another job?!! Things looking up a bit. Yeah. I miss you.

Milla said...

I will be away on August 27th but I will be thinking of you with love!

I hope the cat comes back...I don't know what I would do if Pisko went away for so many days...I'd probably go nuts!