Thursday, July 03, 2008

My Psycho Valentine

This is one of my "babies" - - he took a fancy to my African lace inna Zebra Chair.

OH, P.S. Happy Fourth of July, State-siders.


mister anchovy said...

beautiful cat! happy 4th from north of the 49th.

punxxi said...

a sweet kitty! happy 4th to you also

Milla said...

Gorgeous feline!

Has your family got together for Jul4th?
8 years ago I arrived in Chicago on 4th July, to visit some of my in-laws, and I was so amazed by the amount of flags which had been put out in the front gardens and on the trees and pavements. I couldn't believe it!

tshsmom said...

Happy 4th, Gardenia!

That was so artsy of you to buy a chair to match the cat...or did you get the cat to match the chair? ;)

Cherie said...

Happy Belated Fourth to you, too...and your pretty kitty!

Candy Minx said...

Your cat looks so gorgeous on that fabric especially!