Friday, October 17, 2008

Magnetic Thoughts

"Help, my computer is eating me energy"

Joking aside, I wear magnetics to counteract pain. They work pretty good. But there is a problem - if I put on a bracelet and get on the laptop, it'll shut off the computer, deader than a doornail. It took me a while to figure out why the computer was shutting down.

Now, as I work, I find my wrists feel weird - like the computer is messing with some kind of acupuncture point in my wrist or something - again, weird.

Maybe I'm just getting paranoid because I'm doing a lot of study on body energy - energy in general. It all started with wondering if the origin of that "snap" or "spark" or whatever you call it that sometimes radiates to you from the opposite sex - if that hasn't happened to you, oh honey, you've missed something. It's an electrical shock pleasure current that is sublime. Maybe there is such a thing as the perfect match - that north pole that attracts to the south pole - which would make a relationship so deep and harmonious - - could it be?

Quantum physics are way over my head but I did learn that in our arm there is tissue, then cells, and within each cell, you break down to yet another unit, which more tiny units get tinier and tinier until we reach a "unit" that is so tiny it appears empty - they can actually see this with the latest science - and within that emptiness is: ENERGY. Everything that exists is made of energy. Seems as a rule humans have about a twelve foot energy field that extends out around them. So, the "spark" could well result from either a likeness of energy or perhaps magnetic attraction, since we operate off of electrical impulses from our brains and for each electrical impulse there is a magnetic match - so is that spark a magnetic burst or pull of such magnitude from each other's "poles" it takes our breathe away? Is this what is called "love at first sight" for some people?

You don't believe me? Check this out! And what about the North Pole and the South Pole?

My reasoning takes me one step further - so if the computer is electrical with its own electrical impulses why couldn't it be interfering with my magnetic/electrical balance and causing some reaction within my body? Hmmmmmm?

So the science behind using magnetics for healing and for more energy for our bodies and minds is sound and ahead of its time...and why wouldn't it work? I sleep on a magnetic mattress and it is like no other experience that first night until one gets used to it. Even now, to crawl in there, and cover with a magnetic blanket - it is like being cocooned in the safest cleanest environment ever! It is soooo refreshing.

Later, I'm going to go do some research and see if I can merge with my cat. Temporarily of course. Next, the garden..... (teasing again. . . . but this part only) - but perhaps it does explain the connectedness we all have to the earth, the universe, and God. Perhaps?

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