Friday, October 17, 2008

Which one R U?

Oh, SO MUCH material for blogging now!

Which one of these guys would you relate to just on first glance? Me, I would relate to McCain on this one. My head is always in the clouds, not in the present. I would be so emotionally "het up" over that debate, I would have lost my way off the stage too. And then, I also would have performed some really weird body language when I realized what I did.

Obama, on the other head, is his usual Cool Head Luke self. Why couldn't I get a little of that in my gene pool/environmental influences?

So, I'm getting a clue into the personality behind the stage personna of these guys. McCain is an emotional person, whereas Obama is the more analytical person. Both are good qualities - it is kind of fun watching personalities come through. Tonight Palin herself is supposed to be on Saturday Night Live. Looking at both her and McCain's temperaments, I bet there hasn't been a "spicier" pair running in the Presidential race history!


punxxi said...

nooooo, do the google meme!!!

Red said...

Thought you might enjoy this...