Friday, October 31, 2008

The Emotion Code

Have been reading a lot, but books that are a bit out of the mainstream. One in particular is a book about getting well physically and emotionally. It's called "The Emotion Code."

This injury to my back is leading me down many interesting paths of self discovery and self improvement. This book is one of them. My friend who is in Nikken had been practicing it for some time. Several times she ran an emotion code on me and each time my back would improve. Not only has my back improved but my outlook in some areas is changing drastically improving some relationships and most definitely my outlook for the future.

When a person reaches 60, one has a tendency to fall back on some thinking, "Well, life if nearing its end (which is shocking in itself) so what now?"

Negativity can creep in - your energy is down, you have pains and aches, your perceptions are expected to change - society herds people off into groups. For example, "Seniors," "Teens," "Young Marrieds," "Singles," and more.

Whatever happened to interaction and enrichment of all being mixed up in one homogeneous pot? We are missing something - which contributes to the increasing isolation of each group. We all need each other - I need to love you...your the mobile society we lose family....its our responsibility to care for one another. Utopia? Maybe. Possible? Sure!

Some of the walls that prevent our moving on, not just graciously, but in triumph, in life stages, whether from teen to young adult, or mid-life to early "senior" are in our emotions and certainly in some of our physical beings. Several sociologists have addressed our ability to adapt and move on in the major areas of life change cycles as an indicator of our happiness or misery in life.

I've had the Emotion Code "run" on me several times and I am learning to run the Code on others as well to release trapped emotions that keep us sick, hurting physically or emotionally, or from success in achieving our dreams. It is just a matter or learning how to muscle test. The results are amazing, I feel such a shift in my thinking AND my body. Its not perfect, there are setbacks, but a mountain is never climbed without some struggles and perseverance.

Another influence was Tolle's book. When I first was referred to Tolle's book, I didn't accept it very well, (and still don't agree with everything) but waded through it. Enlightenment was a major theme -and universal enlightenment at that.

Since then I've been led to more and more information including a stroll through Quantum Physics that makse me aware that, indeed, we (the human race) are in a shift - a "Paradigm Shift."

For those who will find their truth and embrace it and move in it life will become incredibly better. Others will refuse to go there. I think things we need come to us in many ways, and if at first we don't "get it" then it is sent to us in another way.

I do believe that light of understanding of what awesome beings we are and what we are capable of always outshines the dark and eventually a smiling, happy race of humans will emerge, one at a time, and rub off - one to another, and another, and another......I'm not predicting that the world we live in will become better, because it might not - that I don't know. But I do know there is a way to live in it, attract the good and the wonderful and to shed the bad and the stones that are wrapped about our ankles holding us down. This is what God intended for us.

Here's to life! Pura Vida!

Not much else going on - Halloween tonight - I have to go out and get candy - with no milk powders from China (polluted milk powders in China have killed a lot of little babys and children over there and it has been reportedly imported here to make candy - so read labels if your kids go out) - and I have a blast watching all the innocents come around - LOL - and not so innocents. I haven't seen my daughter's new home's yard yet - "H" says they've transformed it to a graveyard so I can't wait - - -

It is cold here which is unusual for this time of year - I promised grandson carmelled apples so I have to quit putting so many words into the computer and get busy!

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Candy Minx said...

Very interesting stuff. Thanks for sharing. I think emotions and health are linked. Even if we just look at it in terms of how wellw e sleep, our nutrition...these affect our hormones and our hormones affect our emotions.

Remember...when you were a young adult and you had a new outfit? What energy just a cool dress or new jeans could give a teen ...have you ever seen someone really well dressed, who thinks they look sexy...feel a chilly night? Nope...not very often because looking good and feeling good or special about oneself usually over rides discomfort!

I think one of the biggest gifts or helps we can give ourselves is much of our bones and joints need daily stretching. A rush of endorphins also seems to occur with stretching.

Hey, good post, thanks