Thursday, October 02, 2008

I did it!!!!

This is a totally hilarious video about "Sadie, the cleaning lady." I had to look up the artist, John Farnham, as he had an amazing voice and was surprised at what I found.

I cleaned our big bathroom!!!!! REALLY cleaned it. YAY! That's a big deal for me.

Realized the 9 year old zebra shower curtain needs replaced - and the shower rug - why do I assume things will last forever? I guess nine years is just about forever.

I have always loved cleaning house. Nuts, yeh, I know. I mean really cleaning, hands and knees floor scrubbing, head down by toilet, scrubbing, scrubbing - washing baseboards - - ironing clothes - I love cleaning house, cooking, sewing, etc. That's my alter ego - or the 3rd of my nine lives I guess.

Was so tickled I was able to clean our master bathroom today - the master was at work, so I took a couple of pain pills cuz I been hurting real bad, and proceeded to do what had to be done - and marveled at what our cleaning lady did not do as I scrubbed - woodwork that was hopelessly yellow turned white with some scrubbing - whadayouknow? Now, I figured this gal, with the time she put in, made about $30 an hour - that's way ahead of what I have made in my whole life in jobs that required brains and blood. I have also cleaned houses - but way back when it was minimum wage and I was young and sort of healthy. And when I was done, they were CLEAN.

I guess I'm sort of griping because one of my pet peeves is sloppy work. Where did I get this diehard work ethic - I dunno. I guess that's the only thing that got parental approval, was cleaning and cooking so they wouldn't have to. But, back in the moment, I'm loving my clean bathroom - lovin, lovin, lovin, it!

Everywhere I see sloppy work anymore. Is it a generational thing? I dunno. Not everyone, but too many - - I hate to pay to have anything done, because if I could do it, I could do it better usually - maybe I'm just too picky but I did write down what I wanted done and gave it to her before she agreed to do the work.

I have a germ phobia - I wash door knobs once a week - yeh - I hate the smell of dust. I like the inside tracks of windows clean, crazy things! I love cleaning everything and then sitting and looking at it for a little while. Only then do I feel free to goof off. Ok - there is a name for that neurosis probably. Because its so hard for me to do physical stuff, it makes me crazy living in a dirty house.

We gave my new SIL the job of calling the cleaning lady and telling them we didn't need them anymore. So, a lot of the time "H" gets off work and comes home to some cleaning duties. He wasn't always that "liberated." Not at all. We were the generation that no matter how many hours the woman worked, she did all the cooking, laundry, cleaning, child care, I see men that really pitch in and help, some of them even do the major portion of what women used to do -

Had a long visit time with my daughter Tuesday night, a good, fun talk - and she said she was glad when I left town for a day or two when she was a kid, because "dad" always cooked - his idea of cooking was to shove a Tombstone pizza in the oven. Me, I have pretty much always been a health food nut - my kids never had cold cereal, candy, soft drinks, koolaid - always had warm breakfasts, cooked from scratch foods. So Tombstone Pizza was a treat, big time! I did bake like crazy, so they weren't too terribly deprived.

Going to go get a pedicure and get clothes ready for trip in a couple of weeks to Orlando. I'm excited - I know I will learn a lot and be around other crazy health nuts, lots of them - can't wait!


Candy Minx said...

Oh my god! What a hoot.

I've got my go-go boots on now!

Stagg is going to love that, he likes French Maids outfits...we saw a bunch at the Halloween store recently ha ha!

She is an amazing dancer love the ballet and contemporary mixed together...and what legs. I am laughing what a delightful surprise over here today!

punxxi said...

Hey I like to clean too! But I get distracted very easily so I have to tell myself, just do this room or I would be rnning in circles not accomplishing much. I recently put sliders on my couches and chairs so I could move them when I vacuum...these are permanently attached.....Yay!!! Now I don't have to turn furniture over to clean under it...loved the viddys.

tshsmom said...

I don't enjoy cleaning, but I do it the same way you do. If I can't do a GOOD job, I don't do it, which is what causes things to build up. :(

L is my salvation when it comes to cleaning. He can zip through and hit the high spots to make it look presentable. I've learned to accept his half-assed job until I can do the deep down cleaning. Perfectionism is a heavy burden to carry.

Gardenia said...

I have a little "Shark" cleaner that gets under things and does a passable job - as I don't have a vacuum since daughter took her Kirby - need to refurbish some of the old ones in the garage -

yeh, perfection is a burden - and I'm learning to be really thankful for half-assed jobs (smile).

tweetey30 said...

Wow lots going on in your life right now. I wouldnt pay some one to clean my house even if they paid me more. No way. I know how I like my stuff done and I will keep it that way. I dont get on my hands and knees ever to do cleaning but I do a good job at cleaning my house. I hate dusting but then again I hate the dust allergies that hit every so often.

Cherie said...

Just like you, Gardenia, I clean thoroughly then sit and look at it - all dust free and sparkling, until Tom and the kids have at it! Ha. But, yes, once it's done I give myself permission to goof off.

Strange strange, but, oh well. Works for me, too.

(Thankfully I had the sense to teach husband and daughters how to clean, too. But nobody does it quite like I do.)