Thursday, March 29, 2007

Ah wants one, ah wants one baaaaaad. There is a plethora of little chicks for sale here. I see them everywhere on people, sort of like the tiny dog thing with movie stars. Oh they are so cuddly, so cute, and chickens make quite good pets I hear. However, I think all of our meowies might become werecats should I bring a chick home. Sigh!

Hubby is sick of doing litter boxes and me being down - he would probably freak out and head to Alaska if he had to rake up chickie poo in addition, do ya think?

Tomorrow I go for a transfusion. Doc's office called me freaking out - they had just received my bloodwork results. The red cell count was half of what it should be. I told them weeks ago I needed something, way too tired then!

Some signs of anemia:
Pale Skin
Paler Gums
Sensitive mouth (I can't eat my usual hot stuff!)
Wierd cravings - (mine: ice, more ice, string cheese, carbonated green tea, and Coke)
Heart flutterings
More exhaustion
dizziness (no duh)

I'm not too bummed - I will feel better. (Although I wanted to spend my last two free days on the beach getting brown.) I will take a couple of the books I'm reading, string cheese, a Coke and sit in a plushy recliner with all the people getting chemo, have my car valet parked, be served lunch, and then I will FEEL BETTER! Just in time to go back to work. The back just keeps feeling better - hattigrace thanks for telling me about this - I love ya!


Candy Minx said...

Oh I am sorry to hear this...but you will feel better with a transfusion(I've had two and they really do lift one's energy)...and then we must find out what you can do to stimulate your blood okay? In the meantime though...yes have some snacks, relax, the needle into the vein hurts the whole time, but with a good book and some tea or should make it through and you will have so much more energy in a couple of days.

Keep us posted,

thinking of you,

Red said...

I suffer from anemia too, and in Italy they recommend eating horse meat. I've never done it myself, because I don't like eating animals much full stop, let alone a potential pet, but if you are that way inclined... Apparently horse meat is stuffed full of iron and all good things for your blood.

Karen said...

Oooh just the thought of it makes me cringe but considering everything you've gone through so far, I'm sure you're going to come through with flying colours. You're "Super Gardenia"!

And don't get the chick. Other than the husband heading off and leaving you to clean up by yourself, there's the possibility of salmonella ... ick.

lahtdah1 said...

We had chicks when we were little, remember? I do NOT remember what happened to them after they got big....and that is probably a good thing!!
When doing my stint in Rawlins, a rancher came toteing in to the grocery store where I was working a little bum lamb. We were in the midst of a horrible spring storm and it was so cold and blowing snow... Ohhhh, I wanted that little guy baaad!!! Our landlord (Coleslaw!!) would have had a stroke...
Can you imagine..a sheep in an apartment? Hahaha

Nosh on fresh spinach salads...yum with bacon crumbles and hard boiled eggs..and I would give my eye teeth for some of Grandma's pickled beets..also full of iron

Biddie said...

Baby chicks! We have bunnies, but I would LOVE a little chicken. I don't think that I can have one here in the city.
I hope that the transfusion does the trick. I don't know about horse meat, but red meat should help, right? Just in the meantime? I hope that you're feeling better soon.

tshsmom said...

Nope, a chicken is not a good idea for your household. Just like a cat is not a good idea for SME's household with their bunny.

WOO-HOO, by the end of next week, you'll be SUPERWOMAN! Your back is healing, your blood will be fortified, and you'll be gainfully employed! Now if the family would just kick in with the housework...

Wandering Coyote said...

I wouldn't recommend the chickies, either.

A transfusion??? Geez, that sounds so extreme. I do hope you're going to start taking some iron supplements and start eating iron-rich foods. I hope this proceedure gives you a lift and that it goes well. Thinking of you.

Gardenia said...

It's comforting to know others suffer with anemia and conquer. Amazing, so many with the malady.

The 'fusion took for-ever, luckily needle didn't hurt a bit! But its done and I can breathe better. For some wierd reason my lungs & guts are really sore since yesterday.

I rarely eat red meat but do eat collard greens like there's no tomorrow - will work on the spinach salads - its catch 22 - you get too dang tired to fix any food much. (String cheese was becoming my diet.) I will try now that I have more energy. Lots of air is coming into my body now.

I take iron supplements in my vitamns, but not the kind the doc prescribes. The insurance company says the high powered, easy on the gut prescription ($80.00 a whack) is a vitamin and won't pay.

Anyway, I feel energetic - going to make little boy bathe - and I am going to go visit older daughter & kids today - she was telling me of some herbs, teas that build blood.........I've been drinking super food - (greens) -

oh yes, lahtdah - grandma's pickled beets - yum - and carrots - and everything - the huge rolls, apple butter - also remember the bum lambs, the chickies, cast iron fried chicken, rabbits in cages, mega garden - I want my
back feels good . . . its a gray day - but beats the snow storms back west - - -

Thanks for the offers of help, transport, etc. "L" - ! Youngest dropped me off coffee and breakfast burrito!

Four Dinners said...

we get day old chicks in our cargo shed. If they miss their flight they're destroyed as they aren't day old chicks anymore. One time a handler dropped a box full and we spent ages chasing the little sods all over the shed.

Hope yer feeling better soon babe.

Didn't know you were a short Irish man. (A knee Mick). soz. I'll get me coat..