Tuesday, March 06, 2007


Yesterday - got the down comforter back from the cleaners where little boy's cat, Psycho, went beserk and peed it. Needed cleaned anyway.

Picked little guy up from staying after school - Montesorri has cool stuff - enjoyed the landscaping and visiting classrooms.

We stopped at the Japanese Sushi Bar because he was ravenous, and it was close by. The waiter told me what we'd eat - interesting, he said "raw fish not good for you." Well, whatever he picked out was exquisite and little boy dug in too. We are getting good at chopsticks.

After leaving restaurant and very attentive Japanese waiter, little boy makes a remark - "He was not appropriate was he, Nan?" "He paid too much attention to us." "Observant little chap," I thought. I'm easy going and was willing to try anything new, but little boy picked up on the fact that we were not getting what we went in for and had a too hovering waiter, but we couldn't remember the name of previous sushi order anyway. Also thrown in with the sushi and miso soup was a lesson that the waiter gave us in the Japanese names for the sushi.

Then, indulged in Starbucks - Iced Chai AND chocolate covered coffee beans. And a "birthday cake" flavored ice cream cone for little boy. Worried about money lasting after such indulgences. But I LOVE spoiling the grandkids - I LOVE them knowing that they are my universe - (well, I have other things - but this is different - blind, dazzling love that they are the MOST special of all I have to do.) Four Dinners posted about his grandparents' love giving him light in his life. Hey, I would trade a convertible buzzing up and down the beach to a condo for ice cream/trips to visit/internet subscriptions, etc., etc., for the grandkids any time, any day. Yah!

Griped about sore lungs, etc. to blogger friends. Thank you guys. I noticed that this is the only safe place to gripe. Thank you again.

Shredded grocery sack full of papers. One more bag to go.

Put together marinade for chicken - Indian dish - cilantro, yogurt, garlic, red curry powder, grated lemon rind - to ready chicken for cooking for tonight. Ah, food can be art too. Will have to pick up sesame seeds to complete recipe when I go out to fax insurance to chiropractor. Hattigrace showed me that much can be accomplished with the burning disc syndrom by propping oneself on a stool.

Searched for movie, "Inconvenient Truth" to put in DVD player before bedtime. Found husband had switched out that movie during "purchases of 4 for $20.00" (our anniversary splurge) for a Jodie Foster movie - grrrrrrr - well, I've got Samuel Jackson, he can have pointy faced Foster, who cares.

This morning, have a concern over insurance. Oldest calls and granddaughter has some rare inflammation of the tendons and muscles between the ribs. Poor little thing has been in pain ten days - but she had a thorough going over by the doc yesterday. Daughter doesn't have time to listen. It's ok. Inflammation close to the heart is scary. She is focused. I will blog. And pray for my girl. When she gets better, I will drive over and we will paint.

Now, going for a shower, and am going to think of my son's painting above, which I like to look at and imagine I am standing on the rocks looking into the serenity of the scene - it calms me, it centers me. Peace.

Gee, I could be back at the County, high pressure, then going home to quiet, fairly organized, apartment all by myself...sleeping well, with no thunderous snoring in my ears, with the lonesome wind howling, the freezing cold coming through the walls, the missing underwears ............nooooooooooooooooooo - I turn off the computer now and face the chaos. With quiet joy.


Biddie said...

I had a wonderful relationship with my Dad's mom. My nanie was everything to me. She's been gone almost 28 years, and I still miss her. Grandparents rock.
It sounds like you are settling in a feeling more at home. I missed your last post. Are you feeling better now?

Four Dinners said...

You had chicken curry and didn't invite me over?????? Disgraceful behaviour - but you're forgiven. It'd be cold by the time I got there.

Montosorri schools are great. Jax went to one. You play like in all nursery schools but you learn through the play - it's not aimless like most nurserys. Give her a great start in life.

Gardenia said...

biddie, feeling better today - so far, haven't tried to do anything though - but last fews days it even hurt to sit at computer - so maybe ... maybe

4dinners - tell you what, I will post the curry recipe if it is any good. We'll know tonight. I have to go to the indian store as well and get some garam marsala - or look up on the internet and make it.....

tshsmom said...

I LOVE your son's painting!!

I guess we all have to take the good with the bad in this life. Too bad there isn't more good mixed into all the drudgery. :(

Pickled Olives said...

Nice painting. Spoil the grandkids with time and company. They will appreciate it and your pocketbook will too.

If only my kids grandparents want to spend time talking and playing with my kids. One wants to only buy gifts and the other wants to take them places with limited interaction.

Hattigrace said...

I want to be poster child for Spinal Decompression. A year ago I was in your pain. Today, I can stand for a very long time. It took 38 treatments (they only charged me for 20), getting out of the old salon, and three RainDrop Massages. Now, 90 days after my last treatment, I am able to exercise again. Doing Pilates at home, on a mat. Got a great book on it.
You will live pain-free again. The Spinal Decompression is worth the money. Just do everything they say.
Was a bad night on Idol, huh? What is happening to the male singers? Tomorrow will be awesome. Love to you, my friend.

Gardenia said...

oh, hattigrace, I hope, pray things are working out so I can start treatment - did great all day today, now hip is on fire -

PS you guys DO NOT want the chicken recipe - the turnip greens were real good though....