Friday, March 16, 2007

Gray Day

Feeling better, still have a ways to go. I think I need to find a new primary physician. I still haven't seen this one - he's been prescribing via messages from his nurse or office girl and my conversations - I can see him the 19th. Surely there is a doctor in town that can see a patient when the patient is ill, instead of well, other than the walk-in clinic at which they are too busy to even gather all your symptoms.

Thought I'd send ya'll a photo of azaleas, azaleas that are blooming in profusion all over our town. I have nothing blooming, sigh - it all died from neglect when I was gone - well, there are a few blooms beginning on the orange tree. Our sprinkler system is in as I may have mentioned, but it looks like a million moles have tunneled our yard, making dirt/sand mountains and valleys everywhere. I will have to assail the heavens with prayer so this project gets finished - wheelbarrows, rakes, and shovels are a no-no for me right now. Just getting the pipes in and water to flow does not mean its done. The overflow of sand into the house is amazing.

I bought home Kentucky Fried Chicken last night, and the Psycho cat was quite offended that his dinner consisted of cat food rather than the KFC, was trying to cover the cat food with the tracked in sand to show his disdain of our choice of food for him! Pretty bad when your cat thinks he can cover something with the dirt on the floor.

So cloudy, so blue & gray. But that's ok. It's at least around 69 degrees. I can almost feel the struggle of summer as it seizes upon the extra warmth and minutes of light.

Well, going to confirm time to begin back treatments Monday, go take a shower, and vacuum up the sand, lest the cat never find his food, or worse yet, thinks he can potty in it.


ldbug said...

Wow those flowers are beautiful! It's snowing here again, *sigh*

Well, you know, the nurses are often times better than the doctors anyway so you're probably in better hands dealing with them!!

tshsmom said...

It was -3F here this morning. Yesterday, it snowed.
The daffodils we bought from the Cancer Society's fundraiser are like a ray of sunshine.

Gardenia said...

Was hoping the flowers would send some cheer on to winter-bound friends -

daffodils always are a mood brightner aren't they?

Pickled Olives said...

A doctor that won't see the patient? Crap. At least he sends prescriptions.

The flowers are so warm an inviting looking. A picnic on the grass would be lovely.