Tuesday, March 27, 2007

Eclectic Post

Sushi makes life worth living. This sushi-preparer wanted money for the photo I took which is a reason I am not a bold photographer although I see dozens of wonderful faces to take photos of.

This sushi in progress in fresh indeed - most of the fish, shrimp, etc., comes right out of the water, into the boat, which goes to the dock, which then is unloaded into the sushi place!

Just an update on life in Florida - the weather is 80 degrees, no wind, lawns are finally green, spring flowers breathtaking, sigh, perfect in other words as far as weather goes. Next September I may be singing a different tune.

My back appears to have made it over some kind of "hump" so to speak - no pain during treatment yesterday - I usually get up from the table and as the weight settles back down the nerves start screaming - well, no screaming! I cried and the assistant thought it was pain - I said, "No, no, no, I'm just estatic -that's all!"

The relief continued until I tried to give Ms. Meowi her meds - she spit them out with much squalling and squaking. I began to clean it up and found little white half dissolved pills spit all over the floor. No wonder she's not getting better. So I thought, "OK, ol' girl, its a war of the wits here!" So I put tuna juice on it and put it in again! She started gagging up foamy stuff and running all over the house, and I didn't know so much white foamy stuff could be in one kitty. She ran and sprinkled foaming spit all over trying to get rid of her pill and I ran after her and swooped her up without thinking. I locked her in the bathroom to foam away where it was easier to clean up, and came out to the kitchen for paper towels. I made a reach and POW! Electrical shocks shot through my back and down my legs - uh, oh, I forgot and not only ran but but picked up a 15 pound kitty (weight lifting is restricted to 5 pounds for next 4 weeks) and was back down on the couch again crying like a dumb baby. Scared I had undone a grueling week of work and pain to get to the place of no pain I had during the day. This morning is better.

The next news -- I got the job - talked to the boss some about the back and though I have experience in everything under the sun, I have no experience with Quick Books so he said we'll try it - and I said, ok, test run! Hubby is mad at me about the cat and about me hurting myself and afraid I'll mess up the early Social Security. If all goes well, I will be ahead financially - darn - I've paid into it all my life, and will still pay into it, I've checked with three different SS agents, covered my bases.

And, I find myself being fearful - duh! Scared I can't do it mentally and/or physically. Yeh, yeh, I know its dumb - and I have to shake out of it. Just made me realize how hard these last two years were on me mentally and physically....well, we'll see. Monday is the start date. The ironing board disappeared when I was gone, along with my sewing machine - I better find them and get busy getting my work clothes in shape. It's a very casual place which is delightful.


d34dpuppy said...

yay 4 back boo 4 back yay again 4 back tha new old girlie cat is helpin me type congrta on ur job hope tha sewin machine comes home soosnxx

* (asterisk) said...

Can't believe that dude wanted money for the pic! Funny! Did you pay him?

Sushi is yummy.

Pickled Olives said...

YEAH!!! Congrats on the job! Quick books should be no problem and your back sounds like it's on the mend! Well, if you remember to not lift big kitty, that is.

tshsmom said...

I feel your pain! Living with a bad back is like constantly waiting for the other shoe to fall. It DOES make us extra grateful for the good days though. ;)
Congrats on the job! You'll do great.

Camie Vog said...

I love sushi, so does my son, oh, and my hubby, too! I have only had a few pieces since BabyVog was born. I am a little paranoid about the raw fish being tainted and getting thru to the baby via the BMilk...

QuickBooks is easy. I know this because I suck at accounting/math (even though I am the daughter of an accountant) and I was able to master the program with no problems.

Love your pics!