Tuesday, March 06, 2007

Indian cooking, the beach, and the anniversary

Okay, this is eclectic for sure - but all has to do with the beach - except the curry. I have a weakness for Southern Living - I have magazines stashed in hiding places. So, tonight trying one of the recipes - and had to make my own garam masala to complete the recipe. That necessitated digging through the spices to find the ingredients. Another example of this pack rat obsession that overtakes this house - an entire cupboard and one drawer dedicated entirely to spices. (More packed and coming from Wyoming - I found that if I bought them from Farmers Bros., I could have 6 times as much in a huge bottle for the same cost as a small bottle! When I make green chili it takes a whole small bottle of cumin!) Well two hours later it 'tis and I burned half the dinner - well, all but the turnip greens. The chicken was overcooked, but it would take some convincing that it would have been good even NOT overcooked. Lost my touch, I have.
The next photo is where we dined for our anniversary. I had to pay for my extra order of veggies myself, but hey, what the heck - I did get flowers AND a shrimp-kebob. Lots of years he didn't remember or didn't care if he did. So, what do ya expect for 36 years? Just think, if he had remembered, we could have had a potential of 72 kebob sticks. Wow.
Next we have one of the high rises that are taking over the beach since the storm. They are doing a lovely job of landscaping, but, sob, ya can't see the beach unless you rent a condo. This does remind me a bit of "Miami Vice." Does anyone remember that TV series? When we came to Florida, we expected it to look like the backgrounds in Miami Vice. Hahahahah, wrong part of Florida. Till now.
The next photo is a shot of the bridge as we go down to the beach. I always loved this bridge and the view. A large marina and a restaurant sit underneath on the water and that is a good place to be when the sunset is marvelous.
The last photo is a shot of the burnt vegetation from the hurricane, (No, I did not try to make curry out of it) but the sinking sun coupled with the black undergrowth didn't show the burnt part too well.


ldbug said...

Yum, curry. Well, with practice I'm sure it'll come back!!

tshsmom said...

That's where I keep MY spices too; except my cupboard, like that, is to the left of my rangehood.

Don't you just love Farmer Bros spices, and the price?
I think curry is the only spice that we don't have. We don't like the taste.

Pickled Olives said...

love the beach, curry and kabobs!

Candy Minx said...

Hey your town looks so cute. I love tropical climates so so much. Love palm trees and cycads. I love to eat curries, one of my favourite foods...curry and mexican food yum!!! Yum!! You know, I never understood you were married...I missed that somehow...what a story you going to Wyomming an dsuch and then getting back to Florida all married...very interesting decsisions you have amde kind of like alternative.36 years is a real accomplishment. Congratualtions I like the look of the Shrimp House where you ate dinner. I love seaside culture it is so different than urban scene.