Tuesday, October 02, 2007

Bromeliad Puppies

One of my kids gave me a bromeliad for Mother's Day. It had this gorgeous, sexy pink but spiked exotic bloom.

My instructions were to "Keep it alive." I looked the species up on the internet, determined to "keep it alive." What I found out is that it dies. It's supposed to die. The plant has "puppies" I find, then it dies. Then I am supposed to plant and tend three puppies because mamma is dying and can't nurture them anymore. Heaven help me - is there any more I need to do?

Actually, I'm joking - the idea of propagating three more plants with a value of $30.00 or so apiece appeals to me. Maybe I can start a bromeliad breeding business? I'll get some soil today, there are pots in the garage if I can find them and go for it. I'm sure they will have to come inside late January and early February. We'll see what I am made of. I hope I don't inadvertently kill any puppies.


tweetey30 said...

Oh you can do this. I have replanted plants for about three years now. LOL... The soil starts to stink an I have to put fresh soil in. Talking about plants I need to water mine again. LOL..

Hattigrace said...

Let me know if you want to adopt out (er, sell) one of yer pups!

Gardenia said...

hatti - you wanna bromeliad pup? We'll fix one up in his own little bed.

Milla said...

I have one of those in my living room: a mum and a kid. I've had the mum for about 10 years, the kid for about 2, and they have never flowered so far -which I don't mind of course. Now, considering that in these ten years I've moved three times, they've done pretty well!