Saturday, October 20, 2007

Friday Photos

The top photo is a picture of water standing after our twelve inches of rain storm and four tornados that ripped through the area. This area in the top and bottom photos is a deserted FEMA trailer village not far from the house. The flooded asphalt with trailer connections sticking out of the water is a grim reminder of Hurricane Ivan in '04.

I volunteered at the boy's school in the a.m. and judging from the shape of the roads to the school, I decided not to venture into the tornado hit areas for pictures because of the flooding. The road to school was close to being flooded and filled with big holes from the moisture and made traveling hazardous. The holes were already being filled by county workers.

The middle photo is my trumpet plant which handled the pounding rain wonderfully - in fact it has over 15 blooms!

Today, I'm going to meet some blogger friends in New Orleans! How exciting is that! I hope the timing works out ok - they are so close it would be a shame not to go! A lot closer than they normally are, that's for sure!

So I will leave you for the weekend and be back to post later with, hopefully, pictures of some wonderful bloggers who've been with me through thick and some of you also have been. I'll be able to make the trip in "hops" stopping at friends' homes along the way so my back will tolerate the drive. I can stay anywhere along the way if I can't make it back home by tonight. It's such a glorious clear day that it is incredible, it will be pretty drive over the sparkling bays. I will charge up my Zune and be on my way! Maybe I can talk one of the older grandkids into going with me, I don't spend a lot of time with them and it would be nice. Too hard a trip on the little guy.

I'm going to put on a pot of coffee, find some decent clothes, shave my legs - don't want to disillusion anyone who might have a picture of me as being sort of civilized. Ha!

Have a great weekend everyone.


Four Dinners said...

Hope your meet in New Orleans goes as well as mine have done to date. If it does you'll have a ball!!

- A little rain never did any harm. That's an average summer day over here...

Biddie said...

Oh, I hope that you have a blst!
Tell us all about it when you get back!

Hattigrace said...

Thank you for the puppy. I hope I am a good mama to it. I am green you are getting to meet some bloggers! I still would love to get 4D, Cz and Jax and Pup here. And others, too. You know, all our mutual bloggy friends. Further and all. Anyway, have a blast.

Ya Think? said...

Well isn't that something over in Pensacola with the storms. We did get a ton of rain, but received no damage, with the exception my wild flowers took a beating.

You have a wonderful time in New Orleans.

Wandering Coyote said...

Oh, those trumpet blooms are gorgeous! And, obviously, hardy as hell.

Who are you meeting in NO?

Hattigrace said...

I keep waiting for you to get back!!

d34dpuppy said...

i hope u all go ona walkin tour of the french quarter which only has 1 french buildin the rest r spanish and sicilian