Saturday, October 06, 2007

Still reading the news...........

I have to quit listening to and watching news. (I promise, no more news posts after tonight!)

Today: A 54 year old Assistant Prosecutor arrested for soliciting sex (on the internet) with a five year old (through her mother - yeh, there are parents that do that) - uh, I don't compute the terms - seems to me that is rape and assault, not sex, at least for the child. The perp committed suicide in jail. That way he doesn't have to cope with the grief his disgraced and humiliated family will endure in the community.

A question comes up - how many children in our community were assaulted by him that we will never know about? Of course, these fiends are not wont to name their victims so the victim can possibly get help.

Then, a story about a 15 year old girl dropped off in our area by a 45 year old internet predator (in this case he had many, many priors). She thought she was meeting the love of her life - a 20 year old (non-existent) kid. The guy, when she realized - ooops - NOT Prince Charming, but an evil demon, forced her into his vehicle at gunpoint.

Then, another girl disappears from Walmart.

These guys (mostly guys, but a MOTHER selling her child???? computes to women too) don't quit. Why are they released back into society after being caught? Would it be because some are in positions of power like Mr. Assistant Prosecutor and into the same horror of child abuse?

In these cases, yes, I believe in internet censorship! And a long-life-time-lockup, throw away the key situation.


tshsmom said...

Censorship won't solve this problem. A LOT of these people are actually caught by people monitoring the chat rooms. The volunteers at Perverted Justice are my HEROES!

Gardenia said...

tshsmom! Amen. I don't know the answer! I have a virus - my internet just pops on with pop ups - even though pop ups are pretty much disabled - and some of them ain't purty to put it mildly - and I don't visit kinky sites - it makes me FURIOUS - so I don't think protection software works very well, I'm glad I don't have teens here in the house....