Tuesday, October 02, 2007

Zebra Chairs

"H" went hunting and bagged two Zebra chairs. I don't know what got that going, but I now have two of these zebra chairs in the living room, one leopard table, and a purple couch, AND a wine colored chair, and a horribly ugly worn area rug. And a flowered couch that my daughter gave us and it was her first furniture purchase from Helieg Myers and her and I both feel bad about it going away. But something has to go. The couch needs cleaned badly. But throwing something away because it's dirty goes against my grain. Then its the only place I have to go when "H" starts snoring other than the floor or the bathtub, both of which are very hard to get out or up from. I should be joyous over my new furnitures - but I feel depressed because I haven't been able to choose them. I feel like a boarder in my own house. Oh whine - I'll get over it.....its just that daughter and I don't do well with loss anyway - and these "things" must have long attached cords to us somewhere - - ah, yes, hooked into our hearts perhaps. And, if I had red light bulbs, the decor could be misconstrued as being dangerously close to "bordello" decor....dear, dear.....I had hoped for New Orleans southern style....well, we'll see what evolves. Hattigrace and I are going to create a sexy studio here soon.


Red said...

The first few lines of this post made me think of the film "Pillow Talk", when Doris Day, mad as hell and out for revenge, redecorates Rock Hudson's flat with all sorts of clashing exotic items!

Think of your living room as eclectic, a wonderful collection of things you found on your travels. Isn't that better than having Ikea-issued standard furniture? I reckon it is!

Anonymous said...

You can always reupholster your furniture rather than throw away. I"m sure the pieces themselves are nice. And there is nothing wrong with the zebra print chair. Just add a chartruese rug and funky orange lighting. OR vice versa. Bring bold southern color in. Have fun with it and keep as much as you can for originality. As red said, standard issue furniture may be safe, but it isn't individual.

Gardenia said...

k - thanks for the tips - 'tis true, not everyone has zebra chairs - and last night I saw some on the internet, with horns & all, that make these look elegant. It's just that we LIVE in our house - anything white or half white is going to be a problem! Ok, they don't have to last for the next 30 years - let's see - my motto this year is - "go wild?" I definitely had been thinking of a chartruese rug - the sofa pillows have a chartruese stripe in them. I just have to be careful not to get too many patterns going - the one I was looking at had large circles - it was really pretty -

Red! LOL - maybe it was revenge -- no, I think he was trying to please me ....I was once in a papinting wildlife mode - he took a fancy to the zebras

Candy Minx said...

Wow...those are cool looking chairs...sounds like you andHattigrace are having fun!

Hugsto you both please say hi to her forme...I'm in Toronto right now..hope to see you soon!!!!

tweetey30 said...

I like your Zebra chairs. Those are cute. I have to say they wouldnt match my livingroom though.I have blue carpet and red and white splashed walls. They were that way when we moved in but that is what made me fall for the house.

Hattigrace said...

Love the idea of chartruese with the zebra and purple. LOVE!

Do you LOVE the couch, how it feels, how it looks? Does it make your room say what you want it to say?

At least get a cover for it. What is the name of that company that makes reasonable sofa covers? Do it in something in the purple/zebra/leapord/chartruese theme so it looks like it BELONGS. The wine chair is an odd ball. Either cover it or chunk it?

No prints. You need solid colors with texture. Or another leopard You are like me and too much busy-ness makes us dizzy!!! And we can't think or create or breathe!

You can choose all the rest of the room and make it YOURS. Hey, let's do a Clean Sweep in there, too.

All your stuff is choking you, not bringing you life. Think what you want each room to say. And get rid of what conflicts with that statement. Live in TODAY. Yesterday is gone. It was meant to make us who we are, not burden us with its baggage.

Anonymous said...

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