Thursday, October 11, 2007

I Just Wanna Have Fun

Today was supposed to be the last day for the hematologist visits. I was so elated and happy.

He pronounced good news and bad news....stop the blood thinner, be watchful for another embolism, come back in two weeks for more blood tests, and in a month for followup. Sigh. So.........there is just something about visiting this guy that makes me spend money I don't have - besides his bill........I went to the Greek Fish Market.

Fishing boats were docked, and there was that quiet that large bodies of water exude - "Vast-ness" has a sound. It reminded me of standing out in the mountains and the hush that is in the mountains. I just sat in the sun for a while relaxing, breathing deeply and enjoying "being."

Finally pulled my body into the market, picked out my Red Snapper, and moved on over to the Greek grocery side. A pint of seeded Kalamata Olives followed, along with Cajun crab dip, a whole wheat bread loaf (ha, ha, *, NOT a "roll"), a wild rice mix, and for tomorrow, slices of extra sharp cheddar, and for the little boy's breakfasts, slices of Boar's Head Canadian bacon. Yum.

Well, Red Snapper is in the oven, stuffed with rice, celery, shallots, and various herbs. Unfortunately the boy and I are the only ones that like fish. "H" gave me a "Yuh." He might eat some, the negative is usually "Nyeh."

In the meantime, a biology lesson proceeds with the removal of one of snapper's eyes. We learn the brain is connected to the eye. We learn where the bone is that is in the throat and, if pulled, will open the mouth. We will probably look up the parts of an eye on the internet and figure out which is which. I found out Red Snappers have little cute sharp teeth. And a spiny back fin that is akin to a transfusion needle.

With the fish in the oven, the part that is sort of bothering me, bringing out my obsessive behaviors of worry, is, "Did I clean the fish all the way to the butt, or did I leave the lower bowel encased in the fish butt?" I'm sure the transverse colon is gone, along with the appendix.

So, tell me, how fun a day was that!


Hattigrace said...

And I came home to a piece of defrosted salmon and brown rice!!! Well, we are kinda on the same page.

Milla said...

1) I am happy for the good news!
2) When I come to your house for dinner?

tweetey30 said...

I hate fish. No thanks. Yuckie. So things are good here. I hope you have a great weekend.

Gardenia said...

Some people do hate fish - I think it is the "inlanders" who don't have the proximity to getting good fresh fish. Once you get a strong greasy piece of fish, it does kind of do you in.

Candy Minx said...

It sounds like a wonderful day and I love those crips bright coloured pictures...nice!

tshsmom said...

Your dinner sounds FANTASTIC!

Your grandson sounds soooo much like Z at that age! He was always interested in the anatomy of our food too. SME hated it when he'd share what he the dinner table. Maybe that's why SME's a vegan now? ;)

Vicki said...

I've known ye fer a while now. Never figgered ya to remove a fish eye.
Paint a fish eye. Make a Christmas ornament out of a store-bought rendition of the real thing. Buy one from a fish monger that looks down on his luck and boil the sucker and make a luscious curry. But REMOVE one?
That blood thinner has done its work. Amen!!
Listen to your body and when it whispers oh oh call that doc without delay.

Remember frog eye pudding??
One of the few things that Mum made she didn't slice up four onions and toss in.

If I were Misssss Meowie or Phssssyco, I'd keep my eye on you!

Wandering Coyote said...

Excellent re. the hematologist. I love fish markets! In fact, I love outdoor markets of pretty much any kind. Your food looks amazing!

Four Dinners said...

And you can still eat it after all that??!!

That fish is lookin' at me.

He is. Freaky.